Versys Wear and Tear

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  1. Had the bike washed recently and saw there was still stuff dirty - turned out those were actual scratches or small dents from stones on the road.

    Bike is not even 1 year old - I don't think I did anything wrong, never even took it off road. This is just from normal roads / riding in the rain...

    Anyway, the plastic bits can easily be replaced, but the forks & rear swingarm are rather expensive - can this be polished off or otherwise restored to what it looked like before:

    Both forks look like this - this stuff doesn't come off:

    Rear swingarm:

    Front Fender - that's after the wash, these are scratches...

    Above the foot peg - this is apparently a classic problem on the Versys. They all have this after a while
  2. ^ 12,000 km
  3. Hi Nikster, It almost looks like a slight coating of Tar, Specially on the Front Guard and Rear Swing Arm! Try Tar Remover First or even some Petrol on a Rag. I also use Colgate Toothpaste, the white one which seems to Work on Road Film! Off Course You will have to Polish the Panels again when Finished but they Normally come up fine! Should Work on Your Forks as well, they have a thin Clear coat Lacquer which is what is stained on Yours? The Paint worn off by the Footpegs can't be Helped unless You put some Clear Plastic Protection on from New? It is thin Cheap Paint so wears off from Your boot easy! My KLX is the Same and only done 1/2 the Mileage of My Yamaha Raid which still looks like New! Quality versus Quantity and Price! My Tiger has done nearly 40.000kms and has No Signs of this sort of stuff anywear!!! Maybe You could Try putting some of that Wrap stuff they are putting on Cars and Bikes over the Area by the Foot Peg? Should look good and it is Durable Stuff! Let Us know if You can Clean it up OK? Good Luck!
  4. Kerosene works well for me and doesnt damage the paintwork
  5. Ian - you were absolutely right. My main mistake was to just take their word for it that this "doesn't come off". That was BS. Of course it comes off, in the case of the tar not even that difficult using the right chemical. Car Spa had no problem removing it. Not sure what that stuff on the front fork is but most of it came off at Car Spa, and some of the rest (WTF Car Spa?) I removed with spit and my fingernails.

    Great tip with the Colegate, I'll try that when I am back (leaving for the states ATM)! That's one thing that I actually have in the house, unlike tar remover, or other specialized cleaning supplies. Def. going to try that on the front fender, maybe it works, who knows.

    Smile Car wash in Chiang Mai apparently knows surprisingly - or maybe not surprisingly, given that TIT - little about removing road grime....
  6. Good One Mate, Glad to hear it cleaned up well! Have a Good Trip state side and hopefully the Weather will be Clearing when You get back!

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