Very Cheap Maxi Scoot.

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  1. This is being sold by a friend of mine, so if your interested contact and I will pass you his info.

    Its a Honda Silver Wing 600, a monster of a maxi scoot. Easily large enough to tour two up.


    He bought it a couple of years ago, from a farang in Bangkok who had it maintained religiously. He then had it resprayed (it had an awful multi colored attention grabbing paint job) in metallic / flake black, it got christened the death star..

    Its had new brakes and battery a few months ago. Full legal and legit green book ready to transfer to any name / province.

    He has had an accident (not with the bike) and suffered an injury where he can no longer ride safely. Its too large for him to handle now. Hes living in deepest darkest Isaan, isnt online that much, and hence doesnt know anyone to sell this to.

    So hes prepared to let this go at around 95k, which is about half as much as it stands him. Its only a tiny bit more than a PCX and is full on 600 Maxi scoot. I know these may not be to everyones taste but its great value, these often go for double this price. If I had more room I would grab it simply as its too under price, but I need to stop buying every bike I see (so my wife says !!).
  2. Hi Livinlos

    Can I ask for more details please eg; mileage, year, general condition and location of scooter for a look.

    Cheers Ken F
  3. I am getting the age and kms.. But as I said hes not that much of an online person and hes not responded since sending me the pic.

    Hes in Buri Ram.. It was in super clean nick, but I havent seen it for at least 2 years as he moved up there a while back. Hes not the kind of guy to trash stuff tho so doubt its changed much. But of course, please check it over.

    I will post when I hear the exact age and KMs he bought it in about 09 but its had hardly any use from him. He had an accident a while back and has severed some tendons so its too much to handle. If you want to hear faster drop me a line and I will put you his phone number.

    When he bought it (I found the bike for him online) it looked like this

  4. Its 11 years old 2001 he says.. And has just 21,000 kms on it. Considering how little hes used it seems believable.

    He and it are over in Prakhom Chai 40kms outside of Buri Ram.

    The previous owner was an Italian who owned gusto restaurant near cowboy in bangkok.. Apparently it was done up in the tarts paint job and kept on display (in a plastic case he says) tho lord knows why you would show that paint off ;)

    If you want to know more you will really have to call him and chat. He has a 30km round trip to the nearest email !!
  5. LivinLOS Thanks for the information and yes the 600cc scooter has low k's and good condition and the price is attractive however another bike has caught my eye.

    Thanks Ken F
  6. No problem..

    Am off on a long Rd trip end of the week so if wnyone responds may not be the fastest to get back to them, please be patient I will once I see it.
  7. Hi I would like owner contact details to have a chat - Thanks
  8. Am out of the country until after the 20th.

    Send me your email via PM and I will hook you up then.
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