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  1. [h=3]Epic D1 Sports Cam with Audio 720p **New** GoPro Alternative.[/h]
    I don't remember the exact numbers. But, it dirt cheap, it cam with several mounting systems. I have to say it takes great video

    It's very small rounded and light weight. When you have it on the Helmet cam mount, you don't even notice it.

    Down side it doesn't have review screen.

    A good buy, I will look up the numbers on my pay pal account and post them.
  2. Ok this is what I bought they now have a new model that does have a view screen bit more expensive. Bit I think worth the extra money. They don't seem to be offering the one I bought. I;m trying to upload a video to youtibe when it's done I will post it. Now comes learning editing. The posting the tax was already paid.

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    [TD=class: dtl dtlsp] Epic D1 Sports Cam with Audio 720p **NEW** alternative to gopro with tree mount

    Customs services and international tracking provided

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    [TD=class: col3] Time left: 16-Mar 16:29[/TD]
    [TD=class: prc conprices] £23.44

    + £13.54 postage [/TD]
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    [TD=class: pic p225 lt img] OK this is what they are offering now I may just upgrade mine to get the viewer. Hardest thing is sitting the camera that's trial and error with the one I have


    [TD=class: dtl dtlsp] [h=3]1080P Full Extreme Sports Action Camera Sport DVR cam IP68 Waterproof Xdreme HD[/h]
    From China

    [TD=class: col3]
    [TD=class: prc] £81.96

    + £3.00 postage
  4. Keep in mid Dil's brakes were failing from over heating so this was very cautious. Tomorrow I will see if I can get the one going up done. It was Dil and Mai, Rob, Myself and Poi. No one was falling asleep doing this LOL
    Everywhere we went there was grass burning, could be why they can't breath in Lampang now. The camera was mounted on the Helmet for this. I don't lo like it that much. Couldn't find the music again still learning. edited in Windows Movie maker and uploaded it to youtube


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