Very nice d-tracker with good accessories for sale 115k baht

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  1. johngooding

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    Now I am in the selling and downsizing mood, I offer for sale the following D-Tracker
    Purchased Kawasaki Chiang Mai September 2009 and serviced there since. Current Km is 7,6xx. Not used off road and no accidents or damage. In excellent condition.

    The bike was purchased with a number of accessories fitted by Kawasaki, including the Kawasaki Performance ECU, which improves acceleration and takes the top speed to around 136km/hr. This cost 8,500 Baht.

    Fitted with Renthal Fat bars, secured by

    Protaper Mounts.
    and to compliment the bars a pair of nice brushed Aluminium Spring Back Brake and Clutch Levers.

    A strong rack sourced from Ebay UK

    Engine Protection sliders, and Engine bash plate.



    LED Indicators Front and Rear and a very neat Tail Tidy replaces the original, rather clumsy number plate holder.
    All original parts available, but the bike will be sold as is, I am not willing to take off the accessories and replace with original at a cheaper price as I believe the accessories are sensible ones which complement the bike and add to its original value.
    Of course the bike has the original Green book, registered in Chiang Mai and is taxed and insured until September.
    I bought the bike from the original owner, a gentleman named Frank who had used it very lightly and sold as he was moving to BKK. Frank had replaced one of the D-Tracker X Stickers with some Chinese sticker he had designed, as I did not know what it said, I removed it and the D Tracker X one on the other side, with no damage to the plastics. I think it looks better that way, but Kawasaki do sell the original stickers, if you prefer it that way.
    The bike recently spent a couple of months with Ron, for the use of Khun Gop, but as she did not take to it, and when Ron purchased his Triumph Scrambler, we decided I would have it back.

    The bike is with me in Chiang Mai. Please phone John on 0818825122 with any questions or for viewing.

    Attached files 268853=3829-Clean%20and%20Tidy%20Drive%20end. 268853=3830-Levers.
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  3. KZ

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    Nice looking bike with lots of little goodies, low mileage, good price!
    Looks better without the stickers.
    Why does it have an 'old style' front fender?
  4. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Thanks KZ. I do not know, but can guess. Frank bought the stock bike with yellow plastics. He did not like the colour and tried to paint black but could not get a finish. So he bought new blkack plastics from Kawasaki. Presumably the fender was old style stock. When I bought the bike the inspector picked up the colour change from the book and we had to supply a receipt for plastics. Colour in book changed for a fee of 15 Baht.
    Addenum Now found out that Frank saw this Fender was larger and would offer more protection against spray from the front wheel, so when going for black plastics, he choose this one.
  5. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    Its a cracker. This is really best sensibly equipped d-tracker I have seen, owned and had the pleasure to ride. Good luck with the sale John and I know the buyer will be a very happy camper.
  6. mickba

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    If only I could have found one like this before I gave up and bought a new one for 152k - plus all the extras of course.

    Good luck, I'm sure it will sell quickly at that price.
  7. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Bike now sold to Tom from Hang Dong. Thanks for the interest and to those who commented. Now down to 3 bikes and 1 car in the household. Enough for 2 people I think.

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