Very original Suzuki DR650RER

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  1. 1996 DR650. Under 12,000 miles from new. Bike brought into the ountry as a brand new complete bike with all duty paid. Has been registred from 1996. Very original condition. All paint, plastics, graphics, indicators, mirrors, seat cover, cables, levers etc are original to this bike. Extras include genuine Supertrap(not fitted), Dynojet kit(not fitted) and a K and N filter(fitted). Also have factory workshop manual and parts catalogue. Home made stand also included.
    155,000 baht. Tel no's 053878258 and 0892634065
  2. Interested, but at this price I will wait for the KLR 650
  3. Hi. Could be interest in your bike, but some pictures would be nice so I and probably others could have a look. Cheers.
  4. Looks really nice. If I didn't purchase my KLX 250 last month, I'd be interested. Good luck with the sale!
  5. Sorry for the delay in posting photos. I had to get a friend to do it for me. As you can see the bike is very original. I have taken off the original back light and long rear mudguard but I still have them. The mileage is genuine. I bought the bike through Joes bike shop about eleven years ago and I am the second owner. The bike came from Suzuki Singapore and was built for the Californian market which is why the speedometer is in miles. Basically I have hardly used it and I stored it for about seven years. All the cycle parts like chain, sprockets and brake pads were renewed recently and have very little use on them. I did put a smaller front sprocket on and the bike is a lot smoother at low revs and the acceleration is fairly impressive. The tires are Pirelli Scorpions but basically despite having few miles on them they are too old and probably hardened and I am sure a potential buyer could persuade me to discount at least the price of a new set of tyres. Basically there is a lot of life left in the bike and it would be good to see it go to someone who would use it.. and if anyone has a trials bike I may be interested in a part exchange.
  6. Wow, awesome and clean bike, Jon...
    Very impressed through pics how clean and nice it is for a 13 y.o. bike!
    12000 miles (or near 20000 km) is nothing for this model if well cared from the beginning...

    Fair price IMHO...
    And vs a KLX 250, I shouldn't hesitate for this DR (after a test for sure :wink: )!
    At least it's my feeling...

    But I'm served with bikes already in my garage, so not for me :roll:

    Good luck for the sale, Jon,

  7. I was in Kawi CM yesterday on Chiangmai Toy Ride business and inquired about the KLR. The answer was maybe next year (where have we heard this before?)

    I then asked if this was an official Kawi position and was told no; so they really have no idea at the Dealer level other than people ask for the 400 and 650 all the time

    Pity but then again maybe next year
  8. I had a '98 DR650 at the same time I had a XR650L - at first I preferred the Honda because it looked and sounded better, but after some time the engine of the Suzuki won me over. Out of the box it seemed to have more power than the Honda which had K&N filter and a Supertrapp exhaust. The Suzuki had more torque at low to medium revvs, the third gear is awesome, especially in the city. Can't compare a 650 thumper to a 250 KLX; of course the big bike is better on the street than in the dirt. This bike with its strong engine started the supermoto craze in Europe. I often thought of having it here in TH since it would be good on the streets and for relaxed touring.
  9. KLR which is a 650 thumper not a 250 KLX
  10. I was referring to gobs.

    "Fair price IMHO...
    And vs a KLX 250, I shouldn't hesitate for this DR (after a test for sure Wink )!"
  11. I've did a little research into the old Suzook since I remember the bike was upgraded in 96. Good website here:

    "The DR650E was revised for 1996 for better handling and less weight. The new more compact engine gave less power but deliver it at lower revs, making it much more comfortable to use. There was no longer need to keep the revs above 3.000 rpm all the time to avoid the engine stalling. The smoother, yet less powerful, engine was made by upgrading the exgaust system (again) and increasing the bore by 5 mm (0.196 in) and shortening the stroke by 8 mm (0.315 in). The new engine ran very smoothly and didn't vibrate nearly as much as the engine of the RSE. Amazingly enough Suzuki achieved this smoothness by using just one balance shaft (to save weight) instead of the usual two found in most singles! New oil cooler.
    Weight was reduced in several details. The seat was now narrower (and less comfortable when riding longer distances), the fairing reduced to a small top fairing without a windshield, the suspension and the frame totally new and imporoved. The new DR650SE was no less than 25 kg (55 lbs) lighter than the DR650SE!"
    I had the purple/yellow version. Talking about smoothness, when the bike idled my wristwatch would move forward and backwards, horizontally, even though the cylinder is vertical. I believe that they achieved that by overbalancing, the weight of the shaft was a bit higher than the weight of the cylinder, because horizontal vibrations aren't as annoying than vertical ones.
  12. I love the threeds one advert creates
    did you sell the bike ?
  13. Well the bike is still for sale. I am still not riding it much although on Sunday I did take it out for it's weekly blast to keep the battery charged and to blow off any cobwebs. It hadn't been started for a week but off it went at the press of a button. I live out near Maejo so I took it on the roads behind Maejo university and up to the lake and temple. The tight bumpy roads suited it nicely, especially as I have it geared down. It is great to be able to accelerate up any hill no matter how steep. Parts of the road were badly potholed and I managed to hit a hole while lent over. All I could see was how close the trees were and I was sure I would clout one. Fortunately the bike managed to right itself. On the way home I took it on an unsurfaced road which runs along the side of a canal. That was great fun and it was nice to be on a bike that can spin up the rear wheel under acceleration even in the middle gears. The dust cloud I was making made me feel like I was in the Dakar, but I did get a few pained looks from an old lady on her Dream as she trundled towards me holding her hand over her nose and mouth.
    Anyway the bike is going well. It came out of storage at least two years ago and got a big service and lots of new things like battery, chain, sprockets, brake pads and fork oil. It starts easily and doesn't smoke or rattle. I will be going home to Ireland mid March and will be back in the beginning of May, so hurry on down to the ATM machine.
  14. Well that one won me over after a short testride. This Saturday I'm gonna pay the monies & take her to a new but bike-busy home. Everything as Jon described, thanks to that Jon and for the agreed lower price (don't ask, I won't tell anyway) :D :lol: :wink: . Best addition to the FJR for longer runs especially in the Northern mountains & hills. Cheers, Franz
  15. Well done, Franz!

    Now, no more expectations for you about the KLX or the XT or what else more, coming soon... or not! :lol:

    I didn't see Jon's bike (and better I didn't because sometimes I may be suddenly in the mood to buy!), but from the pics it seemed clean, clear and in good condition.
    You just made a good bargain, IMHO... :wink:

    FJR + DR650 is a good pair of bikes for LOS...
    Good luck and enjoy a lot!

  16. Thanks Gobs, that gives me a similar setup like you, a heavy big sports-tourer and a big thumper for any roads; should meet some day & go on a ride together :lol: . Cheers, Franz
  17. "should meet some day & go on a ride together"

    With great pleasure, Franz.
    But I'm afraid my "relax pace" doesn't fit your mind... :roll:

  18. Gobs, not to worry, I'll take the Step 125, I'll be either on the SRX or the DR both of them don't do more than 150 and this only with wind from the back - downhill - and homesick.........Where are you located in CNX ? Cheers, FR
  19. Hi Franz,

    OK for you to ride the Step 125! At least I'm (maybe) sure to be able to follow you. Allthough...

    I'm settled in Sankamphaeng, not far away from Bosang market...

  20. He's looking for this bike!!

  21. Bike was SOLD, is now in my stable as No. 6 and needs some basic work before start going on rides: new tyres, new clutchplates, carbs cleaning and adjusting, frontfork oils and steering head bearings. Topcase was already fitted, also old backlight & plate-holder. Another month and she should be perfect with Dynojet, K&N and Supertrapp tailormade for this engine.......will keep you updated. Cheers, Franz

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