Very unusual activity ny Police Udon

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  1. A rider in first homes currently has the Police at his house checking his bike for violations.
    This is very unusual for them to go to someones home.

    Just reporting what was reported to me.
  2. As it turns out it was the tax guys, the individual reporting it at his home, was kicked for 25K with penalties and given one week to pay or lose the bike. They didn't take it with them. At least one guy was specifically named in the village beyond the person they were talking to.

    It appears they may be working from a list, where they go that list I have no idea. But they promised to be back.

    I know they have hit shops before but this seems to be a change in tactics.
  3. Never the tax drive is on again.
  4. Glad I renewed all of my paperwork last week in Udon. :)

    Sorry not to get with you Ray, was busy enjoying my limited time being Dada with my sons. :D :D
  5. I would have done the same thing that time is precious

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