Jun 28, 2007
I have seen Nikster already having a Vespa LX150ie and was just curious what more scooters there are from both Vespa and Piaggio in Thailand.
The agent for Chiang Mai is Niyom Panich, near the Robinson Airport Plaza, same that sells the Honda CB250R.
Got the pricelists for what is avialable here in town:




Inquiring further here's the websites for both:
SAYSE RESORT for Piaggio
Actually I am tinkering with buying a big scooter and dump the Step 125, having ridden dad's Honda SH300i and a friend's Piaggio Beverly 300i and both were very much to my liking, not as well made and powerful as the T-max but also pricewise not that costly.
Was hoping Niyom Panich would also have the Beverly 300 which should at least cost 25-30% less than the 'brother' from Vespa but there's none on sale up north. So need to contact Bangkok if they have it there as at least it's advertised in their Website. Personally would not go for a Vespa as in my opinion overpriced.

Webmaster, maybe you could open also a manufactorers thread for Piaggio as there might even be the 3rd of these "Fiat" owned vehicles in the import lane: Gilera
Or at least a scooter section would be ok........

Just to sum up the cash prices:
Vespa LX125ie.....86,900.-
Vespa LX150........99,000.-
Vespa LX150ie.....109,000.-
Vespa S150ie.......112,500.-
Vespa GTV250ie....325,000.-
Vespa GTS250ie....285,000.-
Vespa GTS300Super ie....310,000.-
Piaggio Liberty 125....78,500.-

Regards, Franz


Nov 7, 2007
I love the Vespa. First of all, she's really pretty. Second, really large - a Scoopy or Fino looks like a toy next to one, and even a PCX seems small. Tiny wheels make this bike turn on a dime - it's the king of small sois. Lean angles aren't all that, I dragged the exhaust a few times already (shhhh don't tell her....;) )

Happy with performance and feel - out-accelerates other scooters but not by a huge margin... just so. It's not a beast by any means. Gets about 1/2 the mileage of my Wave, the 8l fuel tank makes up for it.

Quality is ... well not Honda but also not terrible. Rear signal is broken, don't know yet why. Probably just a broken bulb. It didn't see very many kms so far as we now have 2 kids and so the opportunities to use the Vespa are a bit rare.

All in all a bargain - same bike costs $4,500 in the US, we get it for 3,300...


Nov 21, 2010
As far as I know the "cheaper" Vespa's are made in Vietnam and the more expensive Vespa's are import from Italia. Hence the huge price difference. I still find the the "cheaper" Vespa's expensive. I would rather buy a 100% rebuild/restored original.

Chang Noi


Aug 20, 2003
Some people love scooters and it's always a nice feeling to ride an exotic bike made in Italy (even though it may be assembled in Vietnam) and I can see people spending 79 or 87K for a 125. Probably a fair deal compared to the PCX 125 for 72K (?) or Kawa's KLX/Tracker 125 which are around 82/84K.
But 285 to 325K for 250/300cc scooter? Maybe a few rich Playboys shell out that amount for 'something different'.
Can't imagine much success for those models, especially when the Honda CBR250R sells for a bit more than a third of that!