VIDEO Can now be included in Posts!!!

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  1. When you've located your video on Youtube, you need to locate the correct URL to display it, e.g.;

    How To Find The Video URL:
    1 – click on the “SHARE” tab below the video
    2 – You will see the; Paste this link into an email or instant message:
    3 – The URL in the adjacent box is the one you need to use… COPY it

    How To INSERT the Video URL:
    1 - Place the cursor / pointer where you want the code to appear in the post
    2 - Click the "Insert Video" button (3rd from right in Editor Tools)


    3 - PASTE the Youtube URL into the slot in the middle of the Video code

    The result should be as follows;
    {video=youtube;-qR0lHNGjjQ][media=youtube]-qR0lHNGjjQ[[/media] /video}
    - except for the { and } which I was forced to use to prevent the video loading inside the code box! :)

    Which displays this;

    NB: the URL in address bar may have the USER ID in the URL, which won't work!

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