Video: Epic 20 Day Enduro Adventure In North Vietnam

Discussion in 'Southeast Asia Motorcycling Videos' started by Matthias87, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Five guys, five clunky old dirt bikes and an epic adventure to the most remote places of north Vietnam.</p>
    From complete exhaustion, battling rainstorms on the highest mountain of indochina to feeling absolute peace of mind on a little beach in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dense rainforest and purling jungle rivers, this trip was an adventure that we will never ever forget!

    Hope you guys will enjoy it!

  2. Great video

    You guys certainly had a good time.

    Well done.
  3. Looks riding in VN is!

    It would appear that you guys were there around Christmas & it was pretty wet & overcast.

    Did you prepare a trip plan or map that you could post? What reference did you use to prepare the route?

    You seem to have had a guide or did one amongst you speak Vietnamese?

    Well done, lads & thanks for the post.

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