Video: Luang Prabang To Kasi, Some Singletrack, And An Unfinished Mountain Highway

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  1. A stylized video from a day spent riding from Luang Prabang to Kasi, North Laos. A really awesome day, making friends in the hills south of LPQ and then riding the unfinished road, Highway 4529, from Muang Nan to Muang Kasi.

    The single track east of the Kong and south of LPQ is really nice, but all the bridges were washed out, so i had a bit of a challenge in several spots.

    The road to Kasi is stunning, high 1800m+ plateau, above the tree line. Cold, crisp, clear air. A challenge with all the construction going on. A great ride. Recommended.

    All music by John Murphy/Underworld from the soundtrack to the movie "Sunshine".




    Full report here:
  2. Another great video Mike. All the mountain road works looks very alien. Like that on part of the way to Sekong.
    Brave man doing that on your own.. Looks like you had a nice bit of luck with the local turning up :)

  3. Nice video. You most have spent a wonderful time over there.
  4. Nice video? Is that all? Magnificent!
    Must have been a wonderful trip. The video made me think of the movie "Koyaanisqatsi".
    Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hey everyone, thanks for your comments, and glad you enjoyed the video. I had never heard of Koyaanisqatsi, so i looked it up, and now i am intrigued. Downloading it now, looking forward to watching the film that was such an influence on me... :)

    Anyway, glad you appreciate the style of the video. Had a great, surreal day that day, and tried to capture that a bit in the vid. And make fun of myself at the same time... :)

    Enjoy and ride safe,

  6. Yep I agree great vdo Mike.
    Don't you feel priviledged to be out there riding the Muang Nan - Kasi road while it is still; being built & literally cut through rocks & the mountain?
    With the single track at the start of the day it must have been a long day - what time did you start & finish?
    I must say too that I reckon you're a brave man out there doing it alone - does the thought of breaking a few bones out there ever worry you?

    I've been slow looking at this clip & quite a few others because I've been unable to look at them due to a poor internet connection for several weeks. BUT, now that we have identified the long term problem & installed a new router I can actually watch them!
  7. This vid is terrific the second ball tearer I have seen in the space of a week. Well shot (I love the idea of leaving the camera on the ground to capture whatever happens) and well edited which I am sure took some time.
    I cant believe that you blokes go out alone and do this kind of stuff in the middle of nowhere. Fantastic.
  8. Agree with the above comments. Absolutely brilliant stuff. I'm sure it took a long time to edit, so well done for the effort. A great thing to have as a memory of a great ride.

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