Video of KLX with 2BR and open air box

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by pseacraft, May 2, 2009.

  1. For those interested, here is a quick raw unprocessed video my KLX with the 2BR M7 installed and the air box lid just removed. Going to take it for a quick spin out to the new house. So far no detectable FI issues - knock on wood!

  2. I still haven't noticed any ill side effects from removing the air box lid. The bike seems to have a little more umpf and sounds/feels better when under hard acceleration. Has anyone else tried running with the lid off? I am curious as to their thoughts as I am no eggspert and the air box lid removal/replacement (with KDX lid) is a standard "freebie" mod done on ROW KLX's.
  3. I remember installing a jet kit, Supertrapp muffler and a K&N air filter on my XR650L. The air filter didn't make much of a difference, but when I went on a test ride without the side cover which covered the air box, the bike went like stink! The intake to the airbox was so small that it didn't matter what was inside, the flow was extremely restricted. So I drilled lots of holes into the side cover, put it back on and everything was fine. Upon hard acceleration you could hear the angry beaver inside the box!
  4. I Put a TBR on Mine But it was so Loud i Had to Pull it apart and put a Smaller Baffle in it :shock: Also they don't come with an Oxygen Sensor for the EFI so had to add that as well :roll: All in All given the Shit Sound and Performance i would Rate them as a 1 out of 10. For the Money and Hassle they are Useless in Thailand and Better off to get a Copy Made Locally :wink: I still prefer the look and sound of the Jap Exhaust on My Raid 8) I have seen a Nice Pipe from Japan at the Kawasaki Shop which filled all the Requirements but cost 35.000 Baht :(
  5. My 2BR came with the P4 Tip that inserts or removes in about 5 minutes and drops the tone 3-5 db. Of course I ordered it with the M7. I am going to get the P3 Tip which reduces 5-8 db. It is even louder with the air box open and I like it. Being as the 2BR M7 is designed for carburetor bikes it should be expected to not have the o2 sensor which is a minor thing to add. Interesting that you have poor performance, is it the bike overall - which is lacking but better than the carb bike, the exhaust or your added baffle? I am by far no eggspert and don't have the experience that most people here do but my seat of the pants sensor is very happy with how the bike has become more alive since I dropped the air box lid and added the 2BR. It wants to go and I no longer have a rev limit. YMMV

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