Video: South Lao Mayhem

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    Riding South Lao, Dec 26-30, 2012, with a bunch of friends. 9 riders set out. 6 finished the journey, with 2 significant injured, Chris and Zach. No one died. An epic adventure, shared with the best of friends. We had it all, sunshine, rivers, streams, rocks, mud, rain, getting lost, getting found, crashes and misdirections, swimming, hospitals and clinics, ferrys, cows, calfs, dogs, chickens, drunken villagers, night riding, etc. etc. etc.

    Can't embed with free vimeo, so you'll have to follow the link...

    Enjoy, Mike
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  3. brian_bkk

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    Nice vid... But have to admit I skipped the blood and guts bits..

  4. DavidFL

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    That's a super vdo there Mike' & it certainly looks as if you guys had an outrageous time.

    Where was the hospital & how did you go getting the guys out who did not finish?

    I recognize some of the tracks, but don't recognize it all - is there any chance of a rough route outline for the trip?

    Welcome back & thanks for posting on GTR.

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