Video travelogue from my April 2011 trip around Laos.

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  1. Had the most incredible month back in SE Asia, including a week and a half on a solo tour of Laos. Thank you to this forum for all the advice, suggestions and stories. This was by far one of my most memorable adventures, and I really wanted to capture the feel and thrill of my experience through video. Thanks again everyone.

  2. Very nice video, I loved it ! :clap::clap:
    Did you mount the camera on yourself during the baja rides or on the tank ?
    Also some shots of other people seem very natural as if they didn't realize you were shooting, was the camera around your neck and recording or they could see you were recording ?
    Very inspirational, thank you :thumbup:
  3. Thank you very much. To answer you q's.

    A) Mounting the camera.
    I'm all about traveling light, so whatever is multifunctional and does the job is great. I'm also all about not buying specialty items that are over priced. Mainly because there's a very good chance I will break or lose it on my trip. So, my solution for these point of view shots, using a camera neck strap. I have one made by Domke."
  4. Absolutely fantastic! You must be a professional with video work, and your creativity is obvious.

    Thank you!

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