Vieng Thong - Lima 36

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    GPS Track Name:- Vieng_Thong-LIMA36

    GPS Track Recorded by:- brian_bkk

    Start :- Vieng Thong

    End:- LIMA 36

    Way Points:-

    Date :- December 2011

    Season :- Cool

    Conditions :- Cool, dry and dusty

    Link to trip report :-

    Other comments you would like to add:-
    Nice late afternoon run.. We arrived Vieng Thong mid afternoon and decided to stop here as one of the guys was not feeling well.
    Headed up to LIMA 36.. Gets very steep quickly as you can see below, challenging, but fun.
    One of the guys tried to fly through the air on the way down, but realised this is not possible and hit the deck. No injuries, only a bit shaken..


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