Vieng Thong to Phonsavan on the dirt.

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    Vieng Thong to Phonsavan on the dirt.

    A quick report, as I’m on the road at the moment, on the dirt road that runs from Vieng Thong to Phonsavan. Ive wanted to do this ride for years but never got around to it.

    This is a good way to go for those who want to ride the between the two towns on the dirt, instead of the tar hwy 1C and Hwy6. In saying that it will not be long till this way is also tar.

    It’s a pretty straight forward ride with nothing difficult. Just take the road south out of Vieng Thong, and when you get to the first set of traffic lights, your in the centre of Phonsavan. I just looked at the GT-Rider map once at breakfast and headed off.

    It’s a 130km ride, and it took me a little over 4 hours, taking it easy.

    The first 60kms is dirt riders paradise, after that it’s not so good, but its dirt.

    It was a beautiful sunny day on the road heading south out of Vieng Thong.

    Once you get deeper into the mountains, there’s some stunning scenery, and a lot of it is a long way down. PhonsavanLaos4.



    There’s two great climbs and descends that a fairly steep, but not difficult. (in the wet season it would be another matter)

    Nice through here, but as all the corners were blind, it was a little slow going making sure you didn’t have a head on.

    After around 60 KMs I got to this river crossing…this is the only river crossing you have to cross, and it’s as simple as paying 20,000 kip to get to the other side.


    From this river it’s all new road works, and a wide dusty road.


    The tar is coming.


    The last 70kms to Phonsavan looks a like this.

    But there was still some nice scenery.

    I arrived in Phonsavan for the Hmong New Year which was a bonus.

    Only a quick report, but maybe it will help others planning a trip.

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  3. Rod Page

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    Good stuff Moto-Rex.
    Always enjoyable, like many I read everything you post.
  4. Ian Bungy

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    Nice, Once that Road is finished it could make Phonsavan to Nong Khiew a possible Day Ride as Vieng Thong is a Ghost town at Night! Looks Nice Enjoy!
  5. DavidFL

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    Nice one Moto-Rex. Thanks for the update. The pace of Lao road development really is incredible eh?

    Power On. sent from Sony Xperia AcroS
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    And there we were last trip Rex.. Arriving at Vieng Tong around 1pm and worried we would not have enough time
    or how difficult it would be and went the LONG way around.

    Looks a piece of cake :-0

    Nice pics again mate.


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