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  1. Hi Guys,

    I would like to seek for advice, anyone here recently used this route? From Vientiane, Laos to Thali, Thailand.
    How is the road condition, possible for the GS-Adventure to pass through.? And cutting to route 4, the ferry crossing is it is possible for such a heavy bike?

  2. That should be doable.

    I have ridden the part from Xanakham to the Mueng Fueng turn off.. The closer you get to VTE. The road becomes tarmac.

    The other part to Paklai from Xanakham have not ridden personally.
    But believe it is very doable for your bike.. Then paved down to the border.

    Edit to my original post above.
    Just looked at Google Maps. You seem to cut in across before Xanakham.
    Never done that and not sure of the track condition.
    But the road along the Khong goes in to Xanakham is wide and fine.
    Then you head north out of Xanakham and it is tarmac for a bit before you turn off.,101.7018125,24726m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en


  3. HI Brian,

    Thank you for the info, this is really very useful to us.
    We are still in the process of arguing go or no go, because worry will stuck in the middle of noway for this route. Anyhow once we reach Nong Khai will decide, original planed route was Nong Khai to Thali (as shown below).
    It so happen that we are so close to Vientiane, why not try to go in and spend a day or two to visit the surrounding.

    <img src="" url].
  4. There is one section, we need to cross over the Mekong River, I believe there is ferry service, but what kind of ferry? Small private boat or? Wondering our heavy bike possible to load up to the ferry?

    <img src="" url].
  5. The Paklay crossing is by a big ferry

  6. Great:clap:...

    Noted with many thanks.
  7. Great .... looking to the ferry it will be no problem to this route by car?
    I will try this at the end of this year.

    And then a few weeks later by bike .... so what is the status of crossing the bridge at Nong Khai by motorbike?
    I heard before only big bikes. But what are big bikes?
  8. I am just back from a 6 days car trip and did drive from Vientiane to Pak Lay via route 11 along the Mekong River. Great route, with nice scenery.

    The first 60 km is a perfect tarmac road, after that the next 30 km the road becomes a bit less good tarmac but still easy to drive or ride. After that the next 30 km the road becomes a kind of gravel road but again still easy to drive or ride. The last 18 km to Xanakham is a bit smaller gravel road with curves and steep parts. In the rainy season this part might be less fun driving or riding. Even now with a 2WD car and all the dry gravel the steep parts were no fun.

    From Xanakham to Pak Lay was easy, beautiful good road.

    From Pak Lay we did go back to Thailand (Thali) via route 4 and this all part is also in very good condition.

    In Pak Lay we did stay at a new guesthouse Thavyphet for 100k kip. They have private parking but not covered. It is located at the main road along the Mekong River.

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