::: Viethorse rides BKK-Khao Yai National Park-Wang Nam Kiao loop with Tony BKK

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    Well, after several communications, calls, hangout, chit chat... we came up with the great recommendation by TonyBKK and others: Khao Yai National Park-Wang Nam Kiao loop
    [- Q&A / Hangout ]

    Let's start with my preparation from home. Yeah, as a biker, you always like to use your own gears, as they fit you, they operate as you wanted, and you are familiar with them, even some small issues of them.
    I 'd love to bring with my helmet and my riding boots. But those seem almost occupy my baggage. Anyway, need to be reasonable - this is what I brought along to Thailand for the riding trip:

    As advised, I have contacted BBR quite early to get the Versys, before someone take it.
    Saturday morning, get on the taxi quite early, I think it was just earlier than 7:30AM. The appointment with BBR and Tony was 8:30AM, but I don't really know how is the traffic in BKK that time and also the road from my Hotel to BBR shop. Earlier is better than late.

    Reach the BBR location. But the taxi driver did not know how to find the exact house #. We took some rounds around the area but could not find. I have tried to call BBR, but no answer. Called Tony, his reply the address the same what I have. Lastly, the taxi driver asked a mtor-taxi guy, and that moto-taxi guy knows the place and showed us. I think the taxi driver had to pay the moto-taxi guy some Bahts.

    Arrived BBR:

    Waiting... I just realized that my Garmin GPS was ON and running out of battery. Damn! I have fully charged it last night, and put it into my backpack to get ready for the day after. But, damn, the power button was unintentionally stuck with something inside the backpack an turned the Garmin ON all night long! Damn it!!!!

    That time, the BRR neighbor just opened her shop. I came in and asked her to let me charge my GPS for a while. She agreed.

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  3. VietHorse

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    8:33AM, BBR showed up. The girl (Nut) said she left the mobile fone in the shop - so that why I could not reached her.
    Tony also arrived. He's ready!

    There were 3 or 4 Versys inside. I was appointed to a black one. The only one without stock exhaust but a bloody loud 2Bros.


    This versys has a Garmin mount kit ready. I just need to click my Garmin on.
    I tried some locations to put my GoPro, but this bike seems having not much room for the mounting kits I have brought with.
    Luckily, the guy showed me a helmet with the GoPro adhesieve on top. Good one. I meant the mount kit, not the helmet. :shh:.
    Well, I think that quite enough for a ride. A bike with clear maintenance record, just 18xxxkm ODO, a fulface helmet, leather gloves, a amoured mesh jacket, camera, GoPro, riding shoes (borrowed from Tony - lucky me - same size and they fit me well).

    Ready to ROOOOOLLLL:

    (to be continued...)
  4. DavidFL

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    Looking good...all kitted out & ready to ride...
  5. VietHorse

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    Sorry for keeping you guy waiting for so long. I have away for a week so now my pending work is up to my neck!!

    Versys seemed quite strange to me. High seat, high handle bar, tiny windshield and almost no front fairing. Would be very tough to me when riding with hi-speed.
    However, gotta forget it and get myself to be used to the bike. I adjusted the break and clutch levers one more time while riding.
    To the main road, I am still not very familiar with left hand riding. Still confused sometimes. Lucky me, I have Tony rode at front, so that I just followed him.

    The first gas stop:

    Yeah, I were there:

    Gas price almost the same as currently in Vietnam. However, I forgot to ask about the quality.

    Got back the road, I can't remember how long we have done befor reaching the first cafe stop.
    A coffe cup and some cookies for each of us. I did not forget to charge my poor GPS for a while. Well, I did not intent to use the Garmin as a road guider, but I need it to record the tracklog. It gonna be a good memory of mine.

    We spent quite long time at cafe', I think not less than 30mins.
    Now the time to be back on road a gain:




    (to be continued...)
  6. TonyBKK

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    A fun day trip to Khao Yai National Park, Bonanza Circuit and Wang Nam Kiaew with GT-Rider Viethorse from Vietnam!

    Meeting at Bangkok Bikes Rental-

    They seem to have a decent selection of bikes, though they're all a bit tattered... I think the Bangkok rental scene has to be tough on bikes!

    Trung got the co-owner's Versys which had some nice mods- 2 Bros pipe, racing levers, a handy mount for his GPS, etc.

    We got a bit of a late start on account of BBR not really opening until 9 and the paperwork taking some time, but no worries- BBR's location on Rama 9 road makes escaping Bangkok to the east very easy.

    I hadn't had breakfast or a coffee so we stopped at the Amazon just south of Khao Yai National Park for a cuppa and some snacks-

    Versys x 2!

    I dig how Khao Yai hardly ever tries to charge tourist prices when you roll up on a bike- just the normal 70 baht each, and we're in the park!

    Trung rides a VFR 800 back home, so he knows how to ride. I did caution him about the monkeys, elephant droppings, speed bumps and a few decreasing radius turns that sometimes catch people out in Khao Yai.

    Asked Trung if he was keen to go have a look at Bonanza Circuit and I'm glad we did because it was great fun watching a huge group of Harleys negotiating cones and curves at a HOG sponsored riding course, taught by none other than the infamous Ajarn Ho-

    I was damn impressed by this XR1200 track bike-


    Some more American heavy metal-

    He had a bit of a "moment" at ~4:13 of this vid, but all's well that ends well! :D

    To be continued!
  7. VietHorse

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    It was so lucky to me as having Tony with me this trip. I was advised that not to say anything until we pass the gate. I had a glance at the price: 400Baht for Foreign! Whilst Thai is charged 70Baht only.
    This is location of that gate: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=+14%C...=17&iwloc=near 14°13'20.45"N 101°24'20.97"E

    Successfully passed the gate as a Thai residence, Tony informed me that's good time to turn my GoPro on. Well, lots of fun must be ahead.

    The first corner right after where we stopped for turning on the GoPro:


    A lot of trees along the road. Really nice and clean road. I was so keen to see the some monkeys or elephant crossing...


    The Versys seemed not really be handled well by myself. I am familiar with naked or sport touring bikes, with the lower seat, lower handle bar, with big enough windshield and side fairing. This versys quite high to me. I can't touch both of my foot on the road. The high handle bar made me feel floating while cornering.
    And one more thing is the helmet. It was so noisy and it made me feel like I was hanging on the wing of a jet plane. Sometimes on highway, I was feeling like riding at 180km/h but actually just 120km/h.

    Some more turns captured from video:



    Really nice roads for any biker:


    To this turn, I suddenly saw the dark color on the road surface. Sh*t...!! Oh not sh*t, that must be some big elephant just pee on the road!!!


    I lost control in a second. Lucky me, the Versys is not as heavy as my VFR so the rear of the bike still stable. I just squeezed and pushed the breaks, slowly returned back to the road from the grass without "landing".


    Tony was just right behind me, saw that, and pulled his throttle after I confirmed myself Okay.


    (to be continued...)
  8. VietHorse

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    Tony was in front of me for a while after I missed the corner.


    Some more turns captured:


    Sometimes the road just like that - straight:


    An open area. I was thinking it was the highest point of the road.



    We descended right after the open view:



    About 12:15, we stopped at KhaoYai cafeteria. about 30km plus from the gate:



    (to be continued...)
  9. VietHorse

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    Reached the stop, Tony kept asking me "how 'd u feel?". Well, so excited. So happy. What else I could say!??
    Told him that I had not seeing any elephant droppings and others, just the corner which I almost mess up with the wet surface.

    First thing was to charge my bloody poor Garmin:


    Just sit and having some drinks:


    Our stuff:

    Tony was telling someone that he is being with me... Oops... who knows who the hell am I... haha...




    Our bikes also rest:


    Been there, done that:

    Back on road again, Tony show me a great view to the forest below:




    (to be continued...)
  10. VietHorse

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    We continued with some more twisties, then straight, then off the road with some 4x4 trucks:


    Well, the Versys seemed very suitable with such kind of road surface. Very comfortable

    We reached a gate, looked like a temporary one:


    Oh shiiittttttt..... Big shiiiitttt..... What the hell is this?!?!?


    It's Bonanza Circuit which Tony has mentioned to me. But I had never thought this place is the one, as seeing the uncompleted road and temporary gate.
    Here is how it should be later on:

    There were numbers of HD:



    It was:


    HOG booked the track full day for their safety training:





    Tony seemed excited also:


    The trainer:



    First time in my life standing near the track like this:







    I 'd love to ride on a track one day, and especially having some short riding training. All I have learned is from my daily life and youtube.
    Hopefully one day...

    (to be continued...)
  11. Not on a Yamaha

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    Lots of pics, great thread!
    I was also in Khao Yai that very same morning! Saw the same group of Harley riders heading to Bonanza.
    Looks like we missed each other by an hour or so.
  12. VietHorse

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    Really? We did see some groups go the same and against our way. Was you in the group of three or four riders with a BMW GS?
  13. VietHorse

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    ome more pics at the Bonanza Circuit:






    A HD lady asked: Why the HD engine so hot!!??...


    That why so many guys like naked bike! Said the guy.


    No, the bike is not hot at all... You are!


    Well, I did not know what they said:

    Some watchers:

    (to be continued...)
  14. VietHorse

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    Both Versys stand beside the track with jealous:

    And so this little boy:


    HD guys still struggling with the cones and turns:



    The Thai instructor - the only one who can made the scratching sound by dragging the foot pegs to the hot track surface:

    Bloody nice Cafe Ducati - suddenly miss my CX650 - still middle of no where!!!!!


    Really impressed with this full track HD XR1200. This has all the parts for a real track bike: seat, front and rear forks, rims, tires, foot pegs, break and clutch levers, steering damper, break discs... etc...


    (photo by Tony)

    My buddy Tony also was impressed by this bike:


    Ohlalah... let me try once:



    That Thai guy was Tony 's instructor as well:

    (to be continued...)
  15. Not on a Yamaha

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    I was in a group of two. Mighty Tiger & VFR800.

    Excellent photos, keep them coming.
  16. VietHorse

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    Oh Dear. Very keen to see a VFR800 in Thailand. I have one in Vietnam now.
    Have you got any photos of your trip?
  17. TonyBKK

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    A few more vids- Arriving at Bonanza Circuit, the access road is still crap ;)

    Leaving the Khao Yai cafeteria / visit center-

    The road to Wang Nam Kiao-

    Part deux ;)

    Riding south on the 304 - welcome to Prachinburi
  18. brian_bkk

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    Judging by the number of pictures and posts about your trip to Khao Yai.. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

    Well done Tony for being a great Thai host :)

    Viethorse.. Your poor wife will be arguing with you.. No we can't go to Thailand every weekend...

    Don't worry about screwing up on that bend..
    Anyone that says they have never screwed up going through khao Yai is either very lucky or a liar LOL.

    I did it worse than that on a corner going on to the oncoming lane. Not a lot but enough to say oh Sh1t and minor panic...

  19. VietHorse

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    We were at that track too long. I think it was around an hour or so.
    No doubt that with the hot track and all the bike are roaring, the time fly damn fast.
    End up my water bottle from the back pack, we return with the incomplete loop. I knew it was too bad that I could not do even one lap, however, next time, never been to late.

    We left Bonanza Circuit about 14:00hrs plus. The road out less twisty than the road before the track. But it was fun, clear roads, clear sky, nice sun, we could take good speed for that part.

    Time for "lunch" - it was almost 16:00hrs!!. Tony led us get into a small shop beside the road. It was somewhere in Wang Nam Kiew (14°22'52.69"N 101°42'27.27"E):


    In front of the lunch place:


    Well, I don't know what it says:



    Quite big pond:


    We will follow the road on the left to BKK:

    Tony knows Thai so he can order food. My Thai is zero, but really happy with what he ordered:


    Too much, we could not finish this:






    (to be continued...)
  20. VietHorse

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    Thanks Brian.
    That is really great experience. Not only about the road, the ride or the nature, it is really about bikers' friendship.
    My wife quite worried as we come back much later than planned. Other than that, she was enjoying nice swimming pool in hotel with aircon in the room and some shopping out side while we are dirty, sweaty and cooked under bloody hot sun. :p .
    I was not worrying on my "bend moment", Brian. That's normal to me lah. Hehe... My collar bone was broken once, so... And for this trip I can blame the bike which quite strange to me... hahahah.
    Still remember your Ozzy friend, who said that he will see me in Vietnam.
  21. VietHorse

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    The food was quite spicy but that's traditional Thai.
    Eating, talking... we forgot the time which silently fly over....

    Suddenly I realized that it was almost 4pm. Damn, that 's too late. I was planning to return the bike around 4pm. Asked and Tony said we had just done the half way. Sheeet... That too much for me. My wife in BKK would screaming.
    However, we need to get this thing done. I called up the rental shop and inform our late return, they were happy to wait until 7pm.
    We could not finish all dishes as they were too much.
    Back to the road, we continued with the long, clear and nice roads from Wang Nam Kiew back to BKK.
    At every stop for traffic light, I kept asking Tony the remaining km we need to get thru.
    200, 120km more.... It was getting dark and we got a bit rain for about 15mins. Lucky us.
    Finally, we made it. Arrived BBR almost 18:30hrs. Call wife and inform her that I was safely arrived.

    Trip A:

    This trip was calcultated from the first gas stop. I forgot to reset it when start riding


    ODO on the bike rental contract was 18285 ..

    So total to day we done 495km with excilted feeling.

    My great buddy, Tony. hope to see you in Vietnam soon:


    Thanks to Andy who taking good care of the bike and make it great all the time.


    BIG THANK to Nut, who complied all my necessary documentation and wait for met until arrival.


    That's how my first ride in Thailand.
    Hope you enjoy the trip report.
  22. VietHorse

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    Riding vid from my camera:

  23. VietHorse

    VietHorse Ol'Timer

    Part 2 Video:

  24. DavidFL

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    Glad you had a great time & enjoyed your trip in Thailand.
    The guys on GT Rider like to help each other - fellow bikers.

    Some of us will see you in Vietnam in the future I'm sure.:wink:

    Thanks again for sharing your trip report. :thumbup:
  25. VietHorse

    VietHorse Ol'Timer

    Riding in Hochiminh City is not a good idea. However, it could be a good hub for meeting riders and departing to some really great places. i.e. Dalat (highland - abt 300km++), Vungtau (seaside city, 120km), Mui Ne (seaside tourist area - 200km) or many others.
    Notify me in advance and we can have some Saigon Beer together:



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