::: Vietnam - ACE MTSG - Day triip to Dami and Loc Bac Pass

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  1. It was a sunny, really hot day - it good for me after long time not riding.

    Three riders only:

  2. As ussual, I departed very early. The street was almost nobody there.
    At the meeting point:

    My plan was getting to the new road/pass, which I missed due to the last accident.

    Because of long time sitting home and so we lost our way at about almost 100km away from home.
    We did not expected to go offroad like this:


    Get this road in our mind, it will become a very good road soon. We 'll be back.


    Found the right road, we had breakfast, had some coffee and also put some "coffee" to the bike:


    Back on the road, the sun was raising, damn hot.
    We stopped for a while before getting on the pass. We had some water and set up the Camera:



    Three of us all sweaty:

    We are ready now:

    Yeah, it's my new VFR tour.gif :

    (to be continued...)
  3. Stop for a while near the hydro-power plant.



    This view quite familiar if you follow my previous trip report:


    Then ride, ride, and ride...
    I am not so confident to take photos while riding like before. So, here I only have photos when we stopped.

    Another stop beside the powerplant lake:

    Yeah, Repsol is one of my favorite color scheme. Though of painting my VFR to Repsol once. However, RWB is my final decision:



    (to be continued...)
  4. Slowly ride to the place we can take some photos with the lake.
    Yeah, it's here - the place marked as Photo site ( 11°18'49.00"N 107°53'27.69"E):

    From there, we can see some small islands, they looked very impressive:


    Yeah, let's spend some minutes for the show.

    CBR1K Repsol version first:





    Then the CB1KRRA limited:






    Well, and the VFR 25th Anniversary :) :




    Here we are 1.gif :



    (to be continued...)
  5. We ended the Bikeshow at almost 10:00AM.
    Continued more than 30km to the lunch stop

    10:26:06 we stopped at the Tam Chau - Bao Loc stop.

    Look at his face, seemed satisfy:

    And this guy, not really:

    My dish for lunch:

    Oops, don't tell me that 's elephant steak instead of beef steak:



    Hahah, and this how the bikers they sleeeeeppp...:


    (to be continued...)
  6. Bellow here are some photos taken by my buddy.

    It's me:

    Repsol rider:

    CB1K rider:

    Setting the Cam:

    Don't remember what I was doing. I may show him how large of the GoPro view. Hehe.

    Road ahead:

    Stopped at the powerplant wall:




    2nd Stop:


    (to be continued...)
  7. About to reach Loc Bac pass, there were a lot of clouds coming.
    I gotta change the helmet visor from iridium dark to clear visor to get more confident.
    The road appeared very nice, clean, newly painted lane lines and sign boards.

    Sometimes we saw some trucks coming downhill and bring some dirt with their wheels. The road surface get some dirt.
    Knew that the landscape along the road very beautiful but we did concentrate on the twisty road, have no time to stop for photos. Let's do it next time.

    Reached a quite open area, we slowed down and take a break with some water.









    Here is where we passed:

    And this is waiting for us:

    (to be continued...)
  8. We finish the Loc Bac pass within about almost 1hr more.
    Take two more stops for water prior to home.
    I gotta change my leather jacket to the mesh jacket, coz I know that the nearer to my home, the worse traffic is.
    Got home quite late due to the terrible speed we made within Hochiminh City. Imagine you are on the VFR and ride more slowly than walking!!!

    6:42PM at my home, done the 500km plus day trip:

    Not a good tracklog as I have GPS battery issue, so, there are two disconnections on the route:
    My trip with not many buddies, however I can enjoy the twisty with several stops - it good anyway.

    Inside the house, my sweat still running like hell but very, really happy and satisfy with the nice return.


    Bonus - Loc bac pass panorama:


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