Vietnam (big bike) A2 license transfer now possible. (In HCM)

Discussion in 'Vietnam - Motorcycle Trip Report Forums' started by Wald0, Apr 4, 2015.

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    It is now possible to transfer your foreign license what has big bike endorsement to Vietnamese A2 license (over 175cc) BUT! for some reason this is not the case in Hanoi!! only in HCM this is possible.

    In Hanoi you will get only A1/B1 (if you have a car license) as I tried this.. and they also said and I quate that "nice" lady ->" Foreigners are not allowed to drive big bikes" ...what a load of... :/

    So I went to HCM where procedure was exactly the same, but instead of over 2 weeks what it took in Hanoi to make it, it only took 6 days in HCM and in the end I got A2 and B2 (I had a C license (Truck) also.)

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