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    Off-Road Rental Bikes

    1. Honda XL 125cc 2000. $US25 per Day

    2. Yamaha YBR 125CC 2008 – 2010. $US25 per Day.

    3. Yamaha DT 125cc. 2004. $US20 per day.

    4. Honda SL 230CC. 2002. $US24 per day.

    5. Yamaha Serow 230cc. US$30 per day.

    6. Honda XR 250 2003. $US40 per day

    7. Honda XR 250 Motard 2004. $US35 per day

    8. Honda Degree 250cc. 1996. $US25 per day

    9. Honda XR 250CC. 2007. $US35 per day.

    10. Honda Baja 250cc. 2002. $US30 per day

    11. Honda XR400. US$50 per day.

    12. Suzuki DR-Z400. 2002. $US50 per day.


    13. Honda Wave S 110cc. $US6 Per Day.

    14. Honda Wave RSV 110cc. US$7 Per Day.

    15. Honda Wave RS 110cc. US$7 Per Day.

    16. Honda Future Neo 125cc. US$10 Per Day.

    17. Yamaha Nouvo Automatic 125cc. US$9 Per Day.

    For road & trip reports riding in Vietnam go to
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    Flamingo Travel in Hanoi
    for the best bike rental in Vietnam

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