Vietnam Crossings

Discussion in 'Vietnam - Motorcycle Trip Report Forums' started by five12dude, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. David's advice is that bikes over 250cc are not geting into Vietnam. Is this still the case or have riders been successful more recently.

  2. waiting to see if there is a loop hole will report soon. highway 8 from laos was one of the only ways I knew you could get in, but think there might be a way in the south from the 2. have some guys checking it out later this week.
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    For some more info, suggest you read ... hichpage=1 ... hichpage=1 ... hichpage=1

    These will be a help & perhaps give you some other ideas & options.

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  4. Got some buddies that got in last week on 250cc bikes. They entered at the crossing where the Tonle Basaac River goes into Vietnam. They are there now. Curious on their exit. As far as any documentation they only carried the Cambodian registration cards for their bikes. Will keep you posted.

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