Vietnam -> Cambodia -> Laos in rainy season

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  1. Hi,

    My best mate and I are planning a trip starting in Hanoi, buying a couple of Minsks, and then slowly touring Vietnam, starting with the north, then heading south and into Cambodia, west across Cambodia and north into Laos and up the length of Laos.
    Ideally we'd then head back east into Vietnam from Laos, and sell the bikes in Hanoi again (this border crossing I think gives me the most concern).

    Our trip begins on 21st April. I realise this is not exactly ideal in terms of weather. We're allowing ourselves a leisurely 3 months to complete the trip and explore the countryside as much as possible.

    Could anyone please give me some advice on the practicalities of the road conditions around this period? In particular, the road conditions around the Ho Chi Minh trail around mid May, and in Cambodia through May-June.
    Also the likelihood of being able to cross back from northern Laos into northern Vietnam around July (I understand the road is pretty basic here)?

    Finally, 2 bike-related questions:
    - If a bike is bought & registered in Vietnam, are there any issues with bringing it back into the country and selling it there?
    - I read something on this site about bike insurance that can be bought on the border (or possibly on this site?). Does anyone know details of this?

    Thanks heaps for any assistance you can give me. I forsee some serious mud. If any of you are in the area during that period and fancy a drink, let us know!

  2. Ok, I guess my question was a bit wide ranging, possibly even rambling. Put simply:
    Are the roads in Cambodia passable on dirt bikes through May/June/July?
    In particular the more rural roads.


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