Vietnam - Harley Davidson Club


Sep 15, 2012
Last January Flamingo Travel was kindly invited to the Harley Davidson 1 year anniversary Vietnam motorbike club! When they first invited us, i didn't expect it to be as big as it turned out to be. In fact it blew my mind the amount of effort that went into it. These guys are very passionate and serious when it comes to Harley Davidson motorbikes! They put together a mini festival, with performers, Dj's, musicians and of course lots and lots of Harley Davidson bikes old, new and many custom built! I was flabbergasted and i'm aware they will be making it a annual party so if there's any keen Harley Davidson bikers out there u should differently check out Vietnam's new Harley Davidson Club!!!

WEBSITE Harley Davidson Hanoi Vietnam

Flamingo Travel Vietnam
Jul 25, 2012
Love to bring the Big White Pig over for a tour..... one day, one day!

Here's a couple pics of early bikers touring Vietnam..... although they had a totally different motive from anyone wanting to tour now!

Reconnaissance Patrol, 3d Battalion, 22d Infantry Regulars in War Zone C on 175cc bikes.

Did the military use Harleys in Vietnam? Were any crated up and stashed away at the end of the war? Any "Barn Finds" to be had?

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