Vietnam Honda 67 experience?

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by nobbysinclair, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. nobbysinclair

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    I'm arriving in HCMC in two weeks and have the idea of taking an old Honda 67 up north then across to Lao and down into Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia then ... hey, possibly Darwin. Can anyone recommend a mechanic or seller in Saigon? Has anyone tried to import/ride an old 67 to Oz?
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  3. alex_den

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  4. nobbysinclair

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    Thanks Alex.
  5. Iwantablackrz

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    You're adventurous to do all of that on a '67. Props to you and keen to hear how you go.

    Give Kevin a call on 016 774 189 59. I was at his shop in Saigon a couple of weeks back and he has two really nice '67's for sale. One is a red one with a nice cream seat and the other is black. Recently restored and they look a million bucks! I did ask what he was asking but I apologize as I can't remember what he was asking but I remember at the time thinking it was a decent price.
  6. nobbysinclair

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    "Adventurous" or ........ I'll let you know just how silly the idea is as it develops! I putt (and smoke) around on an old 1968 kawa B1 2 stroke here at home its its a whopping 125 and can pull me up a hill so hopefully its the same with a Honda 67.

    Thanks very much for Kevin's number I'll give him a call when I get in next week, there's also a guy who contacted me through the VN 67 club Binh Ngyen who seems to have quite a few, as well as some nice cd125s. Cheers

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