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  1. I have just designed a new brochure full of information about touring Vietnam by motorbike. It's a small lonely planet like guide book! It's full of helpful information.

    If you have any questions please fill free to contact me

    Flamingo Travel
  2. An excellent overview, from an author who clearly knows these paths well, of what's on-hand for those lucky enough to travel this most beautiful, this most scenic, this most captivating of countries.

    What I find even more impressive, as one that has travelled these roads, is the subtle reference to the very best of Vietnam; the indication without fanfare that the author knows all those special spots, those off the beaten track adventures, the spots that, well, seem reserved for the locals or only the most persistent of adventurers........& he'll take you there!

    Flamingo Travel has clearly taken this a step further to provide tours offering clients not just a run between various major cities, tourist traps & hot spots but the ultimate experience for a culturally enriching adventure. A unique opportunity for those that seize the chance.
  3. Thankyou Xin Chao Chris for the latest Vietnam information and to Rod whohas already said everything about it in an appropriate way. I justwanted to add another appreciation for the .pdf file booklet. I havedownloaded it and enjoy this great piece of information on my iPad.Very nice! I am really tempted by a trip soon.
  4. Hey Chris, is there any way to get a big bike on to that Lau Cai Expressway road? I guess no right - tolls on the entrance is my guess.
  5. Hi,

    The new Lao Cai expressway is now open. Bikes are not allowed on the highway. However,, there is a side road for bikes. I have yet to hear from anyone riding on it. A bus takes roughly 6 hrs from Hanoi to Lao Cai and vice versa, so my guess is that a bike on the side road will be roughly a long boring 6 hrs ride. There are no toll charges to use the side road.

    In my experience, it's best to get a 12hr night train, which also can transport any bikes. The other option is to ride the road 70 in a day and half, which is more scenic or you could complete a north west loop to Sapa in 3 and half days days.

    Road 70:

    Hanoi - Yen Bai - 165km
    Yen Bai - Sapa - 176km

    West Loop:

    Hanoi to Mau Chau - 160km
    Mai Chau - Son La - 180km
    Son La - Than Uyen - 160km
    Than Uyen - Sapa - 110km
  6. I'm planning a tour from Hanoi, to Panhou Village (near Lao Cai), to Ha Giang, to Cao Bang (to see Ban Gioc waterfalls), and Ba Be, before heading back to Hanoi - 2 nights in each place.

    I'm a bit worried about the first leg, hence the original question. I have a CB1100, so can motor at 100km/h+ - do you think using the new highway is a good plan? If it's smooth, straight and not too busy it might save a lot of time no?
  7. Well, its not a problem.. enter for the beginning of highway, but don't try the gate! they will not let you in even if you want to pay ;) I actually took short cut home last summer from Tam Dao and I tried to pay, they kindly directed me side of the road where there are narrow path past the toll booths.

    That said.. Aim for that small narrow side entry! My friends did this few months a go and in the first toll booth there was somebody who tried to say something to them, the rest of gates they had no problems. If there is a police on the way you might need to pay..
  8. I'm on my way here from Hanoi - this was highly recommended by my motorbike touring guide pal.
    [h=1]Panhou Village[/h]Thông Nguyên
    Hoàng Su Phì
    Hà Giang
    This distance is a little far, though probably still doable, for a single day trip. I thought I could use the Lau Cai expressway to burn up some miles at a much faster pace for the first half of the journey - although this does add 60km to the trip. I expect the road condition is pretty much tip top, if a little boring? I'm hoping there's few places where local (slow) traffic use the road for obvious reasons. My route is Hanoi, Panhou Village, Meo Vac, Cau Bang (for Ban Gioc waterfall), Ba Be, and home. I will write a trip report if there is any interest.
  9. yes, you can try it, as said it is still illegal to use highways with motorcycles even if they are fast and big..
    and only the first toll booth can cause you trouble but just smile and countinue ;)

    I did hear from my reporter friend that they would change the law next year and allow big bikes on highways, but as for now it is just a rumor..
  10. It's illegal to drive up on the actual toll road itself. However, you can drive on the small slip road next to it. You will not be able to gather too much speed, so it will be a long slow boring drive. I'd say it will take you at least 6 to 7 hrs to drive it including a few small break stops.

    The best way to travel up is by train. Its a 12 hr night train, which means you don't lose any day time getting up to Lao Cai (Sapa area)

    Another option is to put the bike on the bus that can drive on the toll road. The bus will take roughly 6 hrs to get to Loa Cai.
  11. Are you sure Chris that there are side road on that highway?
    From the new bridge to Noi Bai there are sweet sideroad what is really good! Easy to drive 80-90km/h and the best of all.. No police on that new road.. unlike the old road where they are fishing some money. (got pulled over on that road yesterday.. "wrong..." "No wrong".. and after that short discussion pointed to move on..)
  12. Hi,

    I just double checked with a different friend, who explained that there are many sections of the side road, so it's not just one long side road it does break up, which makes it very difficult to drive on. After speaking to him, it almost seems impossible to drive the highway as its illegal and the because the side road constantly breaks up it slows you down and makes the trip a great inconvenience rather than i quick way up and down.

    So i guess it best just to completely forget driving on the express highway and even the side roads.
  13. yes, that makes sense, and sure it is illegal still do do it.. but not impossible, but as I understand now days if police stop you on highway the bike is confiscated immediately and you can't get it back ever.. so huge risk!!

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