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Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by DavidFL, Jul 22, 2015.

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  2. Hi everyone,
    I want to let people know about Thang motorcycle tours in Hanoi. They have some brand new 250cc Honda CRFs, XR 150's and smaller bikes. They run tours (some I personally lead) and do rentals. I am happy to answer any questions about Vietnam. I hope this post is okay....Admin, please let me know if it's inappropriate.

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  3. I did tour to Ha Giang and northern Vietnam with a tour company in Hanoi on late 2016 and loved it. This year i am thinking to travel from Hanoi to central Vietnam down to DMZ and that area. Any tips guy? I contacted the same tour company ive done last year and they seems quite reliable on what i want , however, iw ant to get some update from you guys and know what to do must what NOT and generally any tips would be much appreciated.

    Here is the company:

    I may upload the itinerary latter, im just waiting for some more suggestions on here now.

    Thank you everyone
  4. Hi Oanh,
    I couldn't find any motorbike tours on that site so I can't make any comments on their tours, prices, destinations etc. If you tell me about your plans, trip length, preferred accommodation and meals, interests and so forth I would be happy to give you a quote.

    The ride from North to central Nam has a lot to offer, mountains beaches, islands. It's awesome.
  5. Any idea when we can take out own bikes in Vietnam ? All that is holding me up from going ...
  6. yes, it seems they removed the tour, i contacted them and they tailored a trip to me, as u said, there a re a lot to do and to experience, i am half vietnamese and would like to experience my motherland with bike.

    May i know what i should not miss?

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