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    Anyone entering Vietnam from Cambodia, Laos or Thailand. Please feel free to look me up.

    I have been all over Southern Vietnam (SC highlands, eastern coast, Mekong). Just love riding and exploring the country. I am in HCMC, and have an excellent network here, and know of multiple places for repairs, parts service. Not looking for $$ what so ever, it's just extreemly hard to find people here that want to "adventure ride" and tour for a few days.

    Motorbikes are the main transportation here. The dominate the the streets and the country will never make it's way into a car culture, due to it's lack of space in the cities. That being said, the people here use them every day, and see no reason to ride somewhere, for the bus is more convient for some reason. Motos are much faster here, and being stuck in traffic on a hot bus, with questionable reliablity does not sound appealing at all.

    The "Traffic Dynamic" here is something to be seen. I have seen the strongest riders have trouble here due to is very fluid nature. Most of the problems incurred come from an operator second guessing themselves, while the other operator is moving "with you" so to speak. Here the distance is closing, and closing very fast that this is where things can go wrong. It is hard to imagine until you have been here.

    I know the cities pulse, patterns and best routes in and out of here.

    Just an FYI everyone.

    Hope to hear from some of you.

    [email protected]
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    Very nice of you to offer assistance. Your help would be invaluable and Im sure you"ll be hearing from some of us in the not too distant future

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