Vietnam Road Atlas

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  1. Available in all good Hanoi and Saigon bookstores. At 300000d at the time it was invaluable on my last 2 rides.


  2. That's the one - as recommended in the Trip Planning section on this site. Best by far.

    Excellent, Conemeister, to have have this sort of invaluable information updated on the site. Those who have not ridden in VN may well not understand just how hard it is to find accurate & reliable maps.
  3. Good stuff Conemeister.
    I will head up to Saigon to find one,they have never seen such a thing in the Vung Tau shops.
    7 and a wakey.
    Cheers, Macca
  4. Based on some rough memory, the book store in Hanoi was near Lake Hoam Kiem. Marked the zone on the map
  5. Flamingo Travel knows where to get them. Intriquingly, I actually bought Hung's personal Atlas from him when I first arrived in VN.

    My suggestion is that when you book a bike or tour at Flamingo you enquire if they can get you an Atlas & simply add it to your bill - the atlas is not expensive but invaluable!
  6. Yes Hung was extremely helpful, it was actually he who had directed me to this store. Another friend Kerry had informed me of this Atlas from his previous trip, again which Hung had arranged...Top guys at Flamingo.

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