Vietnam to Cau Treo Border by Motorcycle

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  1. Had purchased a honda win Nov 1, 2012 and rode from Hanoi down to the Cau Treo border crossing hoping to get into Laos. I got there around Nov. 5, 2012. When I made it to the border I was told by the Vietnamese guards that the bike could not pass through because the Lao station would not allow. I argued as to why and asked if I could walk down to the Lao border station to verify. At length they finally let me go see for myself. The guy (a supervisor of some sort) snickered at the idea of letting a Vietnamese bike through. I did my best arguing/sad-distraught face/bribing, etc. to no avail. They wouldn't even take money...! I thought the problem would be with the Vietnamese and not the Lao......
    Don't know why this was...:-?
    I saw another Honda win parked at the Vietnam border station that someone was apparently planning to come pick up after traveling in Laos. The border guards will apparently take care of your bike for you... Me, I didn't care to return to that border but continue on through to Cambodia, and fortunately, a Vietnamese border guard offered to buy my bike for $100 less than I paid for it. (Clever s.o.b.) But I continued on and enjoyed the rest of my journey renting bikes and taking buses.

    From my experiences and interaction there it seems the best you can do is buy a bike in Thailand and tour around Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.
  2. It remains a very fluid situation. The best approach is to rent or buy your bike from an agent such as Flamingo Travel & seek their advice as to the current situation including where & where not to try crossing. Alternatively, look to see if there are any readers/contributors to the forum living in Vietnam who you could consider sending a PM for further advice. Post the advice you receive - its invaluable!

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