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  1. Hi there,
    I plan to go Minsking in march 2007, making the roundtrip through North-Vietnam. On the Minskclub website I read they strongly recommend to make a Vietnamese driverse license but also that you can not obtain one with a tourist visa.
    The fine for not having a licence is peanuts, I worry more about the consequences of a possible accident.
    Anyone has any experience/comments on this? Any suggestions for nice places and roads off the beaten track will be appreciated also.

    Whatever you ride, keep ridin'

  2. Dont worry about it. Not many foreigners have a Viet licence. Chances of getting stopped are minimal mainly because most of the cops cant speak English. If they do just speak to them in Dutch!! In the last 5 years I have only been stopped once.
  3. That still doesnt answer what in the case of an accident. Whats the realistic risks? I Rode with Digby last time in Vietnam but I am verry curious to this question.
  4. If you purchase an insurance policy, your international driving licence is enough to claim your case. Bao Viet (Vietnam National Insurance Company) or Gras Savoye (a French insurance broker) can sell you a policy should you need it. Bao Viet charges 1.5 USD/day and the other 50 USD/15 days.

    You need a work permit or a big company/organization to sponsor to obtain a Vietnamese driver license.

    If you have more questions, contact me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Good luck.

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