Vietnamese Minsk to Thailand, Boarder Problems

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  1. Hi,

    io bought a Minsk in Hanoi and going to Laos, this i already know from some locals and from your website that it is possible.
    But is it possible to get with an Vietnamese Bike into Thailand, and is it better to take small boarders.

    If anybody has any Information you would really help me a lot.
    Thank you very much

    Greetings from Hanoi
  2. Why not take a look at
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    4. Link removed

    Should work out ok...

    Keep The Power On
  3. Timo,
    I have crossed with my minsk at the Mukdahan/Savanakhet border. You should start at the Lao Bao border near Hue. It's not so hard and the man at customs is easy. The Lao don't care at all and I have a posting in here about the crossing. Make sure you tell them you are coming back and fill in the same yellow paper you have for entering upon exiting to declare a temp export of the bike. On the Laos side, don't worry, get a visa and don't ask questions about the bike.
    Get a service before you enter Thailand!! Bring spare parts as well.

    Question, what are you doing with the bike, leaving it in Thailand???
    If you are going to leave it, email me please


    Ride Safe
  4. Hi Jimoi,

    thank you very much for this post. Now i feel relaxed. I am now already in Luang Prabang and enjoy the Minsk really a lot.
    But i changed my plans already and wamt to go trough Cambodia. I think it will work aswell. At the end i wanna fly home from Bangkok.
    If you are interest please write. Does anybody (if you are not) know where i could sell my bike in Bangkok.

    Greatings Timo

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