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  1. G'day All,

    More than likely many are aware of this information.. But for those like me that are / were not..
    This may be of use.

    Looking in to Visa's for Vietnam.. Not exactly the cheap and of course we would all like the Visa on arrival and not to mess around with the Embassy.

    As far as I can see:-

    1.) Visa from the Embassy
    2.) Online (E-Visa) Application Services
    3.) Visa on Arrival

    Take your passport and visa application form, one photo and 2,500 baht for next day service.
    You can pay more and get the express service.. I didn't ask how much.
    Done, no 'stamping visa' queue when you arrive and head straight to immigration with out delay.
    You can download the application form here.

    I was a bit surprised by the number of Online visa Application services out there ( Just do a google if you want to see).
    Offering to submit your application (you enter all the details online) pay from 16 UD up to 30 USD
    Then when you get to the airport.. queue up and pay another 45 USD "Stamping fee" Which sounds like an immigration official looks at the list he has and issues you a visa.
    Next you head to passport control / immigration.

    Looks like this is rarely granted and advised not to try on most sites. (Most people think of the E-Visa as Visa on arrival)
    Most likely you wont get on the plane with out a Visa or E-Visa form completed.

    Above is my understanding and feel free to say otherwise if you believe incorrect or have more information.
    Research from online and asking at the Embassy.

    My office is only 500 metres from the Embassy on Wireless Road..

    You enter at the door behind where the car is pulling out.

    Just doing a recky. Don't like performing financial transactions with online sites I don't know and don't trust if I can help it.
    The number of sites and varying information made me a bit suspicious of them and the reliability of service.
    Lets face it.. You are handing over your credit card details and hope to get in to the country when you touch down.

    There are two notices on A4 paper on the wall in side the visa section...



    Sadly most people seemed to be in their own world and not looking at the warning signs..
    When they didn't get much sense out of the official.. mumbled lets do this online.
    I guess they see 20 USD online or there abouts and think that is it. not realising the 45 USD you pay when you arrive - Stamping fee.
    Also hope you get the visa with your details sent through correctly at the other end.

    Unless you know / trust the agent for the E-Visa.
    Suggest you get the visa the old fashioned way from the Embassy / local agent.

  2. Brian,

    I can see that you've done your research. There's a vaguery of Vietnam that you need to keep in mind - a different application of requirements by different authorities at different places, documentation clearly of a national significance often not accepted by other authorities other than at the place of issuance & so on.

    The application of requirements can change with great rapidity & regularity. There has been an underlying 'desire' on the part of the authorities to see visitors vouched for, as it were, by a local - a bit like the requirement of a guide to cross a border & ride on through the country.

    What I always found was that it was extremely wise to use an agent in Vietna - they can get you out of sticky situations at border crossings, with police & so on. Need I add that in the case of an accident they are invaluable/essential.

    I understand you are looking to rent bikes at Flamingo. There is a HUGE benefit in renting from Flamingo in that they can help you with your every need in terms of the visa situation. When you are speaking with them re rentals ask them if they can assist you with your visa. For a small charge they will arrange a letter of introduction for you from the Vietnamese Immigration Authorities & your visa will be waiting for you on your arrival (yes you will have to pay the visa fee when you collect your visa). It takes all the worry out of attending the Embassy or falling upon a dodgy operator on-line or whatever.
  3. Thank Brian bkk that is thing what I need. I plan to Vietnam in next months.
  4. You can also get a Vietnamese Visa at the Consulate General of the socialist republic of Vietnam in Khon Kaen.

    Drop off passport in the morning, pick it up the afternoon. 2500 baht

  5. Something involving to soome legal papers, I use to asking travel agents to prepare for me. In terms of Vietnam visa, I had gone to Vietnam Embassy but there are messy things I needed to do. Hence I booking Vietnam visa service at a travel agent. They did from A to Z for me. Just save time for riding and exploring LOL.
    You can take reference at The fee is about 12usd.
  6. There has been quite a lot of changes with regards to visas to Vietnam recently.

    I will try and reference some information here..
    Any other contributions or corrections are most welcome.

    First things first..
    Advisory from the Australian Gov't advising to get your visa from the nearest Consulate or Embassy.
    Not the online scam merchants, or if you are booking through a trusted agent in Vietnam you should be fine.

    Travel Advice for Vietnam - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    Vietnam Gov't site with visa information and form for download if you need to apply for a visa

    Visa Exemption


    I used my British Passport as no need to pay and mess around with going to the Embassy or Online / Paying local agents.
    The Aussie and Kiwi Passports are expected to be given the free visa on arrival in the near future.

    Rock up, stamp in and stamp out.. Don't even need to complete an arrival or departure card.
    How easy is that...

    For those that do have to pay for Visa's. The fees are about a 1/3 cheaper since the changes.
    Much more reasonable..
    The crazy visa price was one of the reasons I would never consider going to Vietnam for a long weekend.
    Only a big trip to make it worth while.

  7. Talk of it being extended. Inc Aust, Canada, new Zealand. Be very surprised if not extended and more countries included as they are really trying to ramp up tourism.

    Best for anyone going check the current status on the govt link above post.

    Your passport / visa validity will be checked at the airport by the airline when checking in
    Visa policy of Vietnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  8. Viet Nam extends visa waiver for citizens of 5 Western European countries - Tổng cục Du lịch Việt Nam

    Viet Nam extends visa waiver for citizens of 5 Western European countries
    Update: Friday, July 01, 2016
    Views: 687

    (TITC) – On 30 June 2016, Vietnamese Government approved Resolutions No.56/NQ-CP on extending the validity of visa exemption for citizens of UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

    International visitors visit Trang An, Ninh Binh

    Accordingly, the visa waiver for citizens of 5 Western European countries is valid from 01 July 2016 until 30 June 2017. Citizens of these 5 countries are exempted from visa to enter and stay in Viet Nam for not more than 15 days regardless of passport types and purposes of trip.

    Resolution No.56/NQ-CP
  9. You can get your visa simply by applying online, receive the approval letter and then get your actual visa stamped into your passport.
    Following countries do not need to apply for the visa if they stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days. Note: If you stay for more than 15 days you REQUIRED to apply for a approval letter beforehand.
    Vietnam visa fees are vary, but European, American, Au and NZ are paying as low as $ 15 for a month log visa
    Middle-eastern, North African, Turkish, Pakistani and so on are advised to apply for visa as well with higher fee.
    Source: Vietnam Visa Approval Letter . Visa On Arrival Vietnam
  10. There is a note stuck to the wall at the Bangkok Vietnam Embassy.

    Advising not to use online services. If you turn up in Vietnam and your approval is not correct.
    You wont be allowed in.

    5 European countries get free visa / stamp on arrival.. Links in earlier thread.
    The over all process for a visa and cost has become a lot cheaper / simpler.

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  11. o wow, really?
  12. Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark has had visa excemption arrangment with Vietnam since 1/1-2006 I belive. Allowing us stays up to 15 days at a time.
    I was there in february 2006 and it was already implemented then.
    Dont know if it its ok when crossing land borders.
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  13. I don't know about those specific coubtries. But all the others with visa waiver / on arrival need to be approved yearly by the viet givt for an extension.

    Best to confirm with the govt sites when planning. Links to check in original thread.

    Hard to believe they wouldn't keep renewing but then again.. look at all the changes in Thailand recently.
  14. Not worth starting a big discussion about this and although I havent checked yearly I do think its been like that since 2006.

    And by the way - its not 5 countries in Europe that can get visa excemption to Vietnam, it is 11. England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
    Visa policy of Vietnam - Wikipedia
  15. Not big discussion needed link from original post listing the coubtries granted another year
  16. Well - what time this and that was granted isnt very important. What is important in this discussion is which countries that can get a 15 days visa excemption. And I have already mentioned all those 11 european contries above.
    Here are another source that states the same:
    Visas and customs in Vietnam - Lonely Planet

  17. Really not interested in a pissing contest. But if you insist..

    "Well - what time this and that was granted isnt very important"
    Lonely Planet link'
    " The (very complicated) visa situation has recently changed for many nationalities, and is fluid – always check the latest regulations."

    Also, if you read the PDF I reposted from original post... for the 5 Countries listed. The exemption is extended only until middle of this year.. Yes.. They extended it last year.. Lonely Planet don't mention for these 5 countries.. The extension is approved yearly by the Government. ..

    Let me reiterate what Lonely Planet state.
    " The (very complicated) visa situation has recently changed for many nationalities, and is fluid – always check the latest regulations."

    I will be using the links from earlier posts shared as well as checking with the Vietnamese Embassy.

    My point all along is.. Check you have the latest information.
    You obviously didn't read the original posts above with links to OFFICIAL Vietnamese Government SITES.
    Here it is again.. BaiViet - EXEMPTION OF ENTRY VISA TO VIETNAM
  18. thank you
  19. Its good to see that I was right then. Not that I didnt know that I was right - becase I dont hand false or not correct information. Something one cant say about everybody in here.
    Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK are all given 15 days of Visa excemption to Vietnam. In other words - all the 11 european countries I have mentioned in my initial posting.
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