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  1. Looking for a vintage (damaged included) single cylinder bike to fill my weekends. Would like to build one up anew completely. Bikes considered: single cylinder 125 to 600 cc, 4 stroke only, must be registered legally (even "grey" ones), frame/engine numbers must match, taxes & insurance paid up todate. Examples: Yamaha's SR 400, SRX 400 & 600, Honda Clubman's, W450, old CB's.
    Someone has one, send me PM or email with foto & asking price, I don't want a restored bike as I would like to do the work myself. Prices should be moderate. Thanks, Franz
  2. went for a ride a few days ago....and stopped to have a coffee..
    a bike pulled up ,,sounding like a bag of shit.......went and had a look
    it was a royal enfield....600cc diesel....looked in mint cond......but things were still a bit primative was 99 model made in india...kept the owner busy maintaing it..but he loved blokes in thailand may know about these things allready...but they are quite new here.....
    just food for thought..
  3. If you find a SRX 600 and feel to rebuild the cylindre I have all head studs bolts, gaskets etc to alleviate a common problem on the SRX6: head gasket blowing oil. All original Yamaha.
    I had a Yamaha SR6 and had planned to carry the cylinder operation after reading the following answer on this site

    "Q - Why does my head gasket keep blowing oil ?

    The following steps should help alleviate this problem

    * Ensure head and barrel mating surfaces are perfectly flat.
    * Replace the cylinder head studs/bolts with new items.
    * Use genuine Yamaha Head and Base gaskets
    * Use steel cylinder head washers (the ones on the long head bolts) from the late XT600E,these compress less than the SRX items"

    Then I realized that I am not much of a mechanic, met a DRZ 400 more versatile in this part of the world and sold the SR6.
    Keep in touch if you are interested by the parts .
  4. Eric, many thanks mate, will keep on trying to get hold of one, problem is there's lots of them but as always, no rego, or numbers punched in the wrong way, insurances not paid as were the taxes and so on......or, a Thai mechanic got hold of her........................will keep on trying.
    I'll remeber your offer once I get at least one SR4/600 , SRX4 or 6. Cheers, Franz
  5. David, many thanks, will be up north next WE, Friday I'm at the Kafe for a brekkie & see u there, can't stand the factory right now. Everybody's negative; get pissed already by some comments also at the Froum, don't we have anything positive else to do.......Would like to have the time like some other guys to spend on my bike, there would be no time to complain. Trying to set up a tour to eastern LOS beginning of July, sure Craig & Peter & John to join. Problem's just Peter, Craig & me still relying on a job to earn our daily living, have to abide by some regulations, some don't still understand....................would love some other "easterners" to join but until now nill.............(sorry, exception Monsterman of course!!).........
  6. Hi Mike, many thanks, might come in handy once I can lay my hands on one SR or SRX. So far not many replies also by email, 2 guys offering me; I have to check out. Cheers, Franz
  7. Guys many thanks for all answer's, decided not to buy such a bike but go for a small "farang" fast-food shop out here next to the factories as we don't have much of a choice for some goodies. This one will pay maybe a new bike in the future. Thanks, Franz
  8. Franz,

    Not sure where you are but you may want to team up with the German lady who sells / used to sell hot dogs and burgers at the Monday? / Tuesday? market at Star Plaza in Rayong.
  9. Mike, approximately 65 kms north-north-west from downtown Rayong near Pluak-Daeng in the middle of nowhere next to Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (GM, Ford-Mazda, Maxxis,....). Thanks anyway for the recommendation, cheers, Franz
  10. Here's a few shots of my rainy season project I am working on right now. SR500, 90mm 11-1 piston, Megacycle cam. flat slide pumper carb. Powder coating by Richco.







  11. [quote quote=Franz - Eastern Seaboard]Mike, approximately 65 kms north-north-west from downtown Rayong near Pluak-Daeng in the middle of nowhere next to Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (GM, Ford-Mazda, Maxxis,....). Thanks anyway for the recommendation, cheers, Franz[/qute]

    I used to work at ThaiCopper which is behind ThaiNox near Nikom Pattana. Depended on the lights at 36, I rode to work most days towards Pluak Daeng north on 3138, turn left at Ban Khai then to Nikom Pattana past the fruit farm. (nice place for lunch).
  12. Mike, you ever come down the eastern way, just give me a call (i'll PM/email you my number) and we have some beer together. I'm actually working at the E.S.I.E.
    Thai Copper Industry & G-Steel (SSM) I know as my former employer was supplier to both of them, austrian refractory manufactorer RHI former Veitsch-Radex-Didier. See you, rgds, FR
  13. Wow Wimpy, seriously horny nachine, please let us see the finished bike....
  14. Found a bike on thaisecondhand with all legal papers in Samut Prakarn, got it yesterday and also had the registration done in a short time in Bkk. So here she is: SRX4, 399ccm, 33 HP, 1 cylinder - 4 stroke, kickstart. Needs some work to be done which I intend to do on those rainy weekends anyway. So now it's up to 3 big bikes again:
  15. Anyone who got a copy of a repair and parts manual for the SRX4 in English or German ?? I've got only one for the SRX6, engine not matching......Stripped her already down and sent the frame for sandblasting & new paint, still need to get some spares such as 520VM chain & sprockets and not the cheap 428 that was mounted. Found the electrics to be messed around by a 'mechanic' need to redo the whole cabelling......
  16. Renovation is already in progress, first pictures of frame and mudguards:
    Hopefully this weekend I can finishe the wheels and end of the month the engine & carbs. Trying to be ready by end of October, will post some more pictures before I ride her up to CNX. Chjeers, Franz
  17. How about an update, Franz? Did you get her on the road yet?
    I wonder how she'll hold herself against my VTR250...
  18. KZ, too busy with budgeting right now and the next 3 weekends I will be riding in CNX (charity trip with our office staff), to Kanchanaburi - post in eastern section with all my biker friends, and then the first weekend of November it's to CNX again. Right now, shocks and wheels are fitted, next one will be the engine-carbs-engine support bars. I'm very limited in my spare time due to being still working class guy.....but she'll be done latest end of November. The next one's already waiting the NT400Bros and then the AX1 and then..............
    I won't do any modifications and keep her as original as possible, shouldn't be a problem to keep up with the VTR250, altough the SRX4 is already quite old (~1987/88). I will use her to go to work as these are only 2x15 kms and for this the FJR's tooooooooooheavy.
    Once the engine's in I'll post some pictures....
    Cheers, Franz
  19. Well I promised to keep you updated, engine is already in, now still missing: brakes, headlight, carbs and some other small stuff. Hope to have the time to finish within 2 weeks from now. Must hurry up as another SRX but the 600 version and a NT400 Bros are waiting for their turn.........
  20. Looking good there, Franz! Did you do anything to the engine? The tires look like Dunlop 501s, I got them on my VTR250. Are you going to put a small windshield on it? - I wonder how those bikes compare, 0-100km/h, power and weight are almost the same...
  21. Hi Klaus, many thanks for your comments. Been very busy, not having fixed my private Outlook yet, so not yet any emails from me to you...but this weekend I'm gonna fix these things. Screen on the SRX, yes I got a very cheap secondhand one trough Ebay Germany. (Ah, forgot to mention I've also got a legal SRX 600 now.........; by the way did you get this NT400 for a cheaper price ????) Engine didn't need too much of an effort/job as it was imported refitted from Japan and also the engine change registered with the Transport office. The Dunlop's are the right choice, I even found another pair fitted on the secondhand SRX6 I got and they stick very well to the road. Of course the 400 is not a rocket but I can tell you the 600 is a quick accelerator, anyway both bikes pull faster than the NT400 that's for sure, I like very much the idea & design of the SRX, never had any japanese bike that was so cleverly designed and engineered with absolut minimum on fuzz and is an absolute no-nonsense bike, not even a starter was more thing that I prefer on the SRX'es compared to the NT is the sound of their engines....The NT is a serious small touring bike whereas the SRX'es are coffeeshop racers, slim and simple. Best regards, Franz
  22. Franz, the bike is looking good... cannot wait to see the pics of the finished article. :D

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