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  1. My 30 day visa ran out on the 5th December I was supposed to travel on the 4th to work in Abudhabi bet its was delayed for 2 days I spoke to Immigration in Jomtien and they said no problem pay 500 baht a day at airport so long as u leave within 20 days we wont arrest you , they cannot give me visa extension dont know why ????? i was very flakey with depression and a bad cold last week so things got put on hold

    now my company has delayed my work until 17th although i am on contract , but several people have told me that suvarnabhumi immigration will demand 20,000 baht ??? not 500 a day

    i was going to do a visa run to cambodia but have been told they will not let overstay out ???

    what should I do , normally I have 1 yerar marriage visa but it lapsed in October when i was at work in Philippines and they insist I have tio renew in in UK ,

    I have never been in this situation of overstay before and i cant get straight anwswer from immigration so I think they see an opportunity for a scam .

    spoke to my thai doctor but he says that Hospital letter for overstay is only accepted for in patients .
  2. pretty certain it is 500 baht per day upto a maximum of 20,000 baht
  3. Jerry you're digging yourself into an ever deepening hole (depression/stress/worry wise)..... just go see Darren at Key Visa in LK Metro and he'll get you what you need getting.
    Are you over 50 yet? If so I am bloody sure on your offshore salary you'll qualify for a Retirement Visa...... Darren got me one in 2 days and lasts for 15 months. Just go see him and pay someone else to take that bloody stress off your shoulders mate. I too was on a Marriage Visa (6 years worth) and believe me, the Retirement Visa is the way to go..... extremely user friendly!
  4. It's been a while since I've overstayed, but last time, a couple years ago, it was indeed 500 baht a day fine, up to a maximum fine of 20,000, payable to immigration at the airport. I'd overstayed about a week and they were super friendly about it at Swampyboom and happy to accept my money and send me on my way. Of course, things could have changed since then, but I kind of doubt it...

    When I've left Thailand via land (to Laos) they never really looked at my visa. I got the impression they didn't really care. Of course again, YMMV, but bottom line, I wouldn't stress too much about it. You'll probably pay a small fine and that's it.

    Best of luck!
  5. Hi Martin , i cant get retirement visa as i am a freelancer even though I earned over 3.5 m baht a year and am 54 because i dont spend enough time in Thailand , I have the required sum of money in accounts here over 400k , immigration in Jomtien have refused me 3 times because i have to stay in country for continous 90 days prior to getting the visa and regular employment from 1 company for 12 months ,longest time I have been in Thailand in last 3 years is 58 days between international travel.this year i have done 8 jobs for 4 different companies

    so the marriage visa works best for the moment , and i will renew it in UK in Feb , takes a week or two from hull or birmingham and as i am having an eye op I will not be able to work or travel for about 3 weeks .

    fling to Abudhabi on sunday for 45 days work then to UK to stay with my dad
  6. listen to the post above and see his visa company or use the one on soi six. They will tell you how to get out of the trap. They will also show you how to get your marriage extension here in pattaya.
  7. No, they're messing you around Jerry. Darren got me my Retirement after me having done over 2 years of in and out 28 days at a time..... all my passport had was pages and pages of Visa on Arrival. Go see Darren..... it'll be a HUGE weight off your shoulders. Don't forget to get a multiple re-entry with the Retirement visa. And it doesn't matter who you work for, the requisite is regular monthly income over their stipulated amount. Go see Darren this morning, you will probably get your passport back Saturday.

    Great news on the work front, sounds just like what you need at the mo, hope it gives you another perspective and brings you out of your fug. And don't forget to ask 'em if they need a decent Camp Boss!

  8. decent camp boss ????? is that an oxymoron !!!!!! only joking

    on a job in Denmark earlier this year we had a Philippino camp Boss who ****ed up royally on the food , and orders every thing they cooked was crap , and he made an error when ordering and 8 tones of food turned up the store rooms and freezers could only hold 60 days or 3 tons there was stuff everywhere , he was sacked , the new guy was from UK quality of food was so good we helped reduce the stockpile to managable proportions but a lot of stuff went bad as no room to store it properly .
  9. As far as I know you can get a 7 day visa for around 1,900 THB at headquarters of the Thai Immigration Bureau, located at Government Center Chaengwattana Building B, No. 120, Moo 3, Chaengwattana Road, Tungsonghong Sub-District, Laksi District, Bangkok 10210, 66-2-287-3101 through 66-2-287-3110. Last time I had a problem ( many years ago) it was 500 THB and I got it in the boonies. Should be more now.

    If you get "picked up" without a visa you have a good chance being arrested on the spot and taken to the Detention Center in BKK - not a nice place, Amnesty International has repeatedly asked the Thai gov to shut the place down.

    Don't take it lightly, contact the "visa company" or make a border run as soon as possible.
  10. When you leave the country you pay 500 THB for every day you're without a visa and then you're out. As a Brit you should get a 15 day visa automatically when you come back in.
  11. They don't listen to any excuses at the border. My village flooded once, my house was 1,20m under water, I couldn't even get out. Then I cleaned the place up so my GF and kid had a place to stay. I was two days overdue at the border and they made me pay! I was so angry and made a stink, they almost locked me up.

    The only people who ever got away without paying for overstay were victims of the tsunami. Ten people died in the flood in my area but that wasn't reason enough.
  12. It went from 200K to 400K and is 800K now but a "good visa agency" can get you a 1 year retirement visa for 25,000 THB. All you need is to be over 50.
  13. Hi Jerry,

    Obliviously I am only an infrequent tourist.

    My understanding is that Overstay is 500THB/Day up to a maximim of 20,000THB (40 days)... as long as you don't get picked up before you get to the immigration counters in the departure halls, I believe it is no hassle...

    It can be a hassle in the unlikely situation you get picked up for something before you get to the airport...

  14. Thats the problem, an official/cop with an ax to grind. Having said that, the chances of randomly being asked for your passport are pretty slim. If that were to happen, stay calm and be polite!

    Good luck to you!
  15. Right, the chances of having to show your PP are slim, but then again I've heard of the BiB pulling over visa-run minibusses to cash in on overstayers.
  16. Well it al went smooth at Suvarnabhumi 12 days overstay 6000 baaht 5 minutes delay and all the worry over

    thanks guys for the help

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