visa run from Songkhla to Penang - what do I need?

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  1. KZ25

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    Just got my paperwork for a non-B visa which I have to get in Penang. Of course I like to go by bike but I don't know if I have everything I need. Have to leave tomorrow morning!
    I read a few posts and Captain Slash mentioned translations of documents into English - is that really necessary?
    I'm going from Songkhla to Hat Yai, then Sadao corder crossing. Lots of traffic every day. Got a taxed and insured CBR150R with green book in my name. Thai driver's license.
    Is there any requirement I'm not aware of?
    Any advice appreciated!
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  3. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the quick reply, Captain!
    Tons of cars and bikes go in and out of Malaysia every day through Sadao, there shouldn't be any problems. With all that "ASEAN" hype going on...
    I noticed Thai cars in Songkhla having a black Malaysian license sticker on the bumper; there must be some kind of a deal for Thais (and Malaysians?) to have both registrations.
    I'll just give it a try, it's about 60km to the border, if they refuse me, I turn around and take a minibus.
    About seven years back I took a CBR into Cambodia - absolutely no problem! They didn't even check the paperwork.
  4. Rhodie

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    Go to Land Transport Office and ask for an English translation of your Green Book - I've done it in Songkhla so I know how easy it is. Getting a Romanised sticker made up should not be difficult at a sticker shop - have it made to a size that will fit to the front of your bike i.e. windshield fairing etc.
    Also you need to buy insurance for Malaysia at the border.
    Make sure that customs logs your bike out and in on their computer - I've had a problem at Betong where they 'forgot', which caused me problems later at the Laos border.
    Have a good trip.
  5. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    Didn't have time to prepare anything since I had to go the next morning. Thought if they turn me away I take the bus. Surprisingly the whole deal was unbelievably simple! I showed my PP and the green book at every booth, first out of TH then into Malaysia. Nobody even looked at the green book, it was like I was on foot (or came with the bus). They saw me sitting on the bike and carrying a helmet.
    Same thing on the way out - I went inside to get my Departure Card, filled it out, got my entry stamp, didn't even bother to show the green book. Took ten minutes each way!
    Either things have changed for the better or I was extremely lucky. Not all lucky, though, as I got soaked twice before reaching Pulau Pinang.
    Gas at a Shell station was 19 / 26 RR!! About half price as in TH.
    Met a teacher from my school in Penang who took the minibus the same day. On the way back into TH they asked all passengers to produce 20,000 THB cash at the border - which nobody had, of course. First he thought it was a shake-down but no, they wanted to see the cash. He had to call a friend in Songkhla who jumped into a car and went 90km to the border to hand him the cash! He was stuck at the border for several hours; we left Penang at the same time, I was back at 5:30PM, he was back at 11PM and plenty frustrated. His minibus was stopped and searched three seperate times, probably because of the upcoming Queen's BD.
    Lots of reasons to make the trip on a motorcycle!
  6. KZ25

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    Yes, I think I was just lucky that day, maybe another rider had a different experience an hour later! I expected at least a check of the green book and verifying the numbers of the frame and engine, along with some paperwork. But waving me through? Well that's Thailand for you, you never know what to expect, and usually things will be different. And entry to Malaysia the same - I took the helmet off when I departed TH because they were taking a photo with their little egg-camera and had the helmet off when I cruised over to the Malaysian side. They stopped me and asked why I ride without a helmet on. I said to take photos and they just said: "wear the helmet" so I put it on and went through.
    I would like to hear from other riders who take a bike into Malaysia these days, what their experience was.
  7. sydneycraig

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    was there any time limit on the bike being in malaysia? or was it 3 months, same as your visa? (assuming you are one of the many nationalities that gets the free 3 minths on arrival)??

    looking to go over and stay for the full 3 months with my thai registered sooter...

  8. KZ25

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    Like I said, I just went in and out a few days later without having anybody check the bike, so I wouldn't know anything about time limits.

    If you want to stay for 3 months better make sure what the deal is or you could be in trouble on the way out (if you get in without a bike check).
  9. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    A friend of mine also went in and out through Sadao within a few days recently and didn't have any problems at all.
  10. kc's

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    Translating your thai plate to roman will be good but i doubt it is necessarily, as we rode our romanised plate all the way to through thailand without being stop by anyone

    not necessarily to translate the license, as it is issued by Thai government, it should be in their language. We dont translate our malaysian license while driving in thai

    most malaysian officer speak english and you can converse with them, if worst come, park your bike safe and ride on a toot toot into malaysia

    ride safely, you can call me if you need any assistant .....6016 220 9227,

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