visited the new HD palace in BKK

Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Motorcycles - Thailand' started by monsterman, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Had a lookin at Power Stations new facility on RAMA 9 road in BKK very plush ,, but the prices are eye watering , basic sportster 883 starts at 820k and top of the range CVO baggers are up to 3.9m baht ....yes thats $120,000
    and whats even more awesome is that they sold 453 NEW bikes last year and so far this year have sold 62.
    George the owner reckons that when the new Indian 500 and 750 arrive selling for around 460k he will Triple those figures easily in 2015

    Also yesterday had a sneak preview of Karumbas new Pattaya built mega engined 210+ hp Harley custom which will be viewable at the Burapha show total cost so far over 4,26m baht ouch !!!!!!!but its nicer than his old ratty chrome VMax
  2. Hell, Those Prices are Incredible!!! And 460.000 Baht for the New 500 and 750 is a bit high also! I was expecting them to be below 400.000? I have also heard that there will be No More Grey Importers allowed in Thailand only Licensed Motorcycle Dealers so that should make it easier for them to sell at those High Prices! Will put a lot of Grey Shops out of Business? Including Red Baron I guess?
  3. Incredible indeed. I have no doubt what Jerry aka Monsterman saw in Bangkok but here's why I echo Ian's words. On the 17th of January this year, Ken Svenson was quoted on Thai PBS ( a Thai HD broadcasting service ) as saying the entry level ' big bike ' Harley-Davidson was 630,000 baht so this means a jump of 190k within a month. Whilst I expect the prices here to be double of those back home ( UK ) due to import duties and taxation, this new price will make the entry bike nearly treble the cost of the same bike in the UK. I suppose they've got to recoup the cost of the new flagship showroom somehow but aren't they going the wrong way about it ? Incidentally, KS also says that H-D are thinking of building another assembly plant in the ASEAN region with the emphasis on Thailand.
  4. All the grey importers are still doing a rip roaring trade ,, even expanding as 2015 asean fta means that thai laws cant stop them regardless of what harley davidson say .
  5. Well according to Richco Motorsports here in Chiang Mai All Grey imports have been Stopped already for everyone and He can't get anymore Bikes? So something Odd is going on! He Claims only the Authorised Licensed Dealers of any Brand are allowed to Bring in New Bikes! Anyone else will not get a Plate! Maybe it is different for second hand Bikes but for New Bikes the Answer is definitely NO!

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