Visiting Khamouan again

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by Craypot, Feb 26, 2007.

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    This weekend I decided to do a quick run down to the Vietnamese border via Route 8. My Transalp is running like crap so a fast run on some good paved roads on the BMW seemed like a good idea. Nothing really new to report but on a good bike you can make it to the border and back to Vientiane in one day 770km round trip. I had already agreed to stay at Ralph's at Ban Na Hin and was back there by 1.30pm so with nothing to do except relax and drink cold beer thats exactly what I did.

    Anyhow here's a few photos of the trip. I'm trying a new size to upload so will see how they go.

    Near the Vietnamese Border



    The Limestone Karsk Forest


    Didn't quite make the curve.


    Only spear guns.

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    I did the Thakek loop a few weeks ago on the Transalp. This is the loop road heading out from Thakek towards the Vietnamese border and turning north through Gnammalat and up to Lax Sao and then back down Route 8 towards Route 13. Lots of travellers do this on scooters. I'm not sure that would be my idea of fun. Anyhow here's a few photos of that trip.

    The old bridge midway along the dirt link road between the two roads to the border.


    The soon to be open new bridge.


    The entrance to Thong Lo cave


    This road is dusty


    Another one bites the dust.


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