Visiting the Tiger showroom in Bangkok?

Discussion in 'Tiger / Sachs Motorcycles in Thailand' started by DaRider, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'll be arriving in Bangkok on 25th this month and was thinking of visiting the Tiger showroom to have a closer, hands on, look at the Boxer 250RS. Is someone here familiar with their opening hours at all? And also, would it be safe to assume that they have one on display?

    I've dld the google earth place marker so i think i'll find my way there.

    Any information is highly appreciated.

    Happy trails.
  2. Hi Darider,

    I think i posted this on all forums already...maybe i forgot it here.... :roll:
    When you go to Tiger Showroom, make an appointment .....this is simply to avoid disappointment . And assuming that a Boxer 250 RS is there is the wrong assumption... i heard more than a few people they thought just walking in is fine and they had a very bitter disappointment...none spoke english and maybe just and madass & some monkey bike there ( i saw that myself at some stage) or they had some boxer there but it wasn't setup for a testride.
    If you want to make an appointment you could check for the contacts at (or check for their phone nrs here if nenglish is preferred you can PM me or send me an email at : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] and i will check this for you.

    happy trails,

  3. Hi Mbox,

    Would you be able to organise an appointment for me next week, Tuesday, Wenesday or Thursday ? I'ld like to visit the factory/showroom and aquire some parts for the Tiger Retro 110 with Side Car I just bought ?

    Thanks in advance

  4. hi azoulay,
    accesories for the retro are best advised to check the bikecare shop at the entrance of Tigers Factory in Samut Prakarn. No appointment really necessary for this.
    Here you find address to the Factory and google earth placemarker.

  5. would like to add....i found this online shop it is hombased in Yala (or hat yai ?i forgot :oops: ) and stocks items/parts for older Bikes...also for the Honda Cub ( and the retro is somewhat a twin to it), so you may have a look and see if you find something that you like there too:

    I did deal with them while we restored our old Yamaha Mate and he responds to emails fast and he speaks english very well too. Same experience someone else on Tiger/Sachs Forum has posted too. His name is Pichan .

  6. Hi Friends,

    Thanks for the information, I'll will visit the factory and/or/or show room in Samut Prakan on this Saturday, seems to be friendly people, hope they developp their business !
  7. Mission accomplished.
    Thanks much for your help Mbox!

    The visit to the Tiger showroom was what i think one could call a semi-success.
    The display unit they had turned out to be a fairly well used second hand bike with some 7500 km's on the clock. Still, i got what i came for and had a good look at it, and even took it for a short spin around the lot. Its undoubtedly a nice machine, and for the price i think it could be a good choice.

    Again thanks!

    Happy trails.

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