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Discussion in 'XENFORO Forums Guide' started by Franz, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Dear David & Ben, the new layout works out very well, I like it very much BUT I have one request, don't know if this can be done easily or not, I think also all of us have a similar problem as follows: Once we enter the website and choose a special topic, click on it and want to view it, it takes always some time until all the pictures are downloaded. If the answers are plenty, we always have to wait until all pictures are downloaded until we can read in peace what's written as the last post. I've tried many times to keep the tabs with my mouse on bottom but to no avail, a new picture is downloaded and the last post is gone from view. Is there any chance to have this improved, as some of us rely on TOT's ADSL which can be slow like the Thai State-railways at some days. Hope I as a non English speaking guy have explained for all to understand....... :oops: , cheers, Franz
  2. Franz-

    Ben may have a better answer but I can tell you what I do. I give the post just a few seconds to start to load and them "click" on the red X provided in the menu bar of most web browsers (not the close button). This stops the page from loading any further. As the text usually loads much quicker than the photos I can then go to the last post as you suggest and the page will not continue to scroll.

    Two things that posters can do to help is limit the size of their photos (asked many, many times) and do not include the original poster's photos in your "quotes" if it is not relevant to make your point. We don't need to see the same photos "quoted" over and over.

    It works for me anyway.
  3. Yep all I can say is it's the BIG PHOTOS that slow the whole system down. So some of you proud happy snappers can really help by limiting the size of your pix.
    We all love your photos, but not to the point where it's difficult / impossible to download the message & even see them.
    What I often do is crop & tidy up the pic before uploading, so that it is the subject matter that fills the image & not 30-40% wasted space surrounding the subject. :wink:

    The bulk of my Motor Show pix were 400 x 300 pixels & the big ones 600 x 450 pixels. I don’t think there’s any real need to go above 600 pixels.

    Keep your photos coming, but please watch the size a little more. :D

    Last but not least I also think a lot of it is inexperience. :)
  4. Dave, many thanks for the tip, 'm gonna do this next time with the red cross.
    David, you're right, gonna check all my pictures too and if necessary resize them. Anyway, I hope Charoenmotors are able to finish my XJ until Sat morning, if so, I'm gonna see u at the Kafe on Sat later morning if you're around.
    Thanks & cheers, Franz

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