VTE - Paske (again)


Nov 17, 2004
If I could vote this road to being one of the most boring ass rides I would. Lots of red bull to stay awake.:shock: I was 2 up on the Suzuki DR 250 with little bag weight, Dunlop 605's.
VTE out: No problems but the new golf course/SEA Games site was full of dump trucks turning in and out, lots of chunky dirt on the road. This is about 20 KM on 13 south from VTE.
KM 139 out of VTE: The playground is still open. A construction site for dirt for road construction near Paksan is here, about 800 meters long and 300 wide, great cuts, ridges, fly points and grooved turns from the dumptrucks. Hard on the bike but worth a stop.
13 South is 13 south, paved and no real problems surface wise. The 30 KM run from Seno to Savanakhet is absolutely PERFECT and rollerblade surface.

Hwy 13 south out of Savanaket has deteriorated a bit and there are patchy holes in the road starting from about 44 KM out of town and onward for another 50 KM.

Hot road surfaces took a lot off the tires running 2 up and many cool down points every 45 minutes were taken.

The bike ran like shit, half a liter of oil blown out the exhaust every 400 - 600 KM.

It's most likely the 30th time I've run this and without a pillion I'd have taken the inside dirt.

New news on another road to VN coming soon(?) From Sekong, a new road is being carved out linking to VN and Dalat. Still no great joy for bikers but one day...