Wanna ride this weekend?

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  1. Is anyone up for a (street) ride this weekend - weather permitting? I was thinking of doing the Phrao - Chiang Dao loop, but am flexible. Either day is fine. [:)]
  2. You guys are a bunch of turkeys!

    I ended up having a fantastic ride on the Sameong loop this afternoon. I saw one big bike heading the other direction, and came up on a couple of beemers all decked out with full luggage. The view from the overlook sala was incredible. I could see forever. The bike didn't even get trashed with dirt. Just a few damp patches.

    I'm going to do another ride tomorrow, weather permitting, and it looks like it just might. [:p]
  3. Wimpy
    Just back in today (Sunday) from 3 nights 4 days away up Chiang Khong & Chiang Rai.
    Sorry I missed you.
    I confess to not checking any email or message board while I was away as I was busy.
    But we have to meet & go for a ride soon. Later this week I hope to be slipping over to Mae Hong Son for the night. With luck - weaather depending - that will be Wed or Thus departure.
    Interested - can do, yah or nay?

    Keep The Power On
  4. Sunday I ended up doing Doi Inthanon with a friend on a R1 Yamaha and a group of Thai kids that ride regularly together. There was about ten of them, mostly on 400s – VFRs, Bandits, and such. They are a nice group of people with varying levels of skill. All really into bikes and biking.

    We were having a great blast up the mountain until things suddenly got rather damp. We stopped for noodles, and some beer Singh was shared while waiting for the rain to stop. It never did, so we put up with it and continued to the top. It was bloody cold, wet, and foggy at the top. Not only that, the coffee shop was closed. That’s twice now I have ventured to the top in anticipation of some fresh java, and been bitterly disappointed.

    As we descended the mountain, the rain stopped at nearly the same elevation encountered on the way up. The remainder of the run down was fast and fun. I will post a couple pics when I get the film back. Yes, people still use that stuff.

    David, I have some business to attend to early Friday, so I must pass on Mae Hong Son. I would be up for a ride sometime next week though.
  5. Finally, here are some shots from the Doi Inthanon ride. (after getting lectured, I have shrunk them a bit)[:)] What, no ADSL David?

    Waiting in vain for the rain to subside.

    At the top. The natives were having some difficulty with the climate.



    One of the quicker riders. He was rather taken with my TL. [:)]
  6. Yeah wimpy you're not wrong - no ADSL, like a lot of others I guess. But I also dont see any real need for giant pix on this board. The faster we can get the info out the better. We just wanna tease everyone with a rough idea how good it is & how much fun we're having.
    If the weather's ok let's do the Chai Prakarn loop on the weekend?

    Keep The Power On

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