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  1. I am from USA have lived Thai 2.5 years. In USA I was riding a Honda interstate Valkyrie on the road and a CRF 450 off road. When I lived in Krabi I did some dirt biking but on Kawasaki and they were way behind compared to my Honda's back home. My question is I want to buy a bike for doing some traveling Thai Lao and Cambodia. I am looking at the 650 Versys but am afraid I will feel that it just doesn't have enough power. wondering what you all think and might suggest. At this time I am not willing to pay the ridicules prices for better import bike. that could change in the future.
  2. Mike
    Gday & welcome....IMHO a Versys has more than enough power for Thailand & Laos & Cambodia. If it does not, then at what speed do you expect to ride at?

    BTW have you done much touring in the region?

    A Versys on the open highway is very happy at 130-140kph & I would not think you would want to cruise much faster than that on most of the roads in the region.

    On the smaller roads, then from experience you can't & don't carry much speed, unless you want ride hard & fast like a maniac.

    Slower is better to see, learn & take in more; plus live longer.
  3. Thanks David! I have done very little bike touring in Thailand. But have driven 70,000 k on the roads in Thai and Cambodia. I agree with you I am not looking for high speed just enough go when I want it with gear and my little thai sweetie on board! I also was thinking at best the Versys would be pushing it to hold 120kph in comfort on the open road. Interesting to hear 130 - 140.
    Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. If I can Buy a new 650 Versys for 285,000 How much should I be willing to pay for a 2011 model in good condition, with any where from 8,000k to 19,000k?
  5. G'day Mike there is many magazine articles written about the Versys with positive feedback. If you want to find out first hand, just fork out

    1500baht a day to bike hire one. Many people are happy with them but its all up to the individual rider what works for them hey, Safe riding.
  6. Thanks KenYam I am going to make a trip down to Pattaya this week I think that is what I will do! Rent one for a day or two and go see for myself!:clap:
  7. A quick check of the bikes for sale thread will give you the prices people are asking. Usually the agreed sale price will be 10K or maybe even 30K less than asking price. Quite a few sold in the last 6 months, most have a lot of accessories and it depends how much value the owner and buyer put on them.
  8. I am usually cruising at 140 - 150 if traffic allows, Versys doesn't break a sweat at that speed. Or 160 if behind those crazy hooligans from BKK... :p

    The difference between the V and the ER-6n engine is also that the Versys has much more low end torque so it's perfect for the twisties which is what I enjoy most anyway. It's the "same" engine but really quite a different character. I liked hitting the curves on the ER-6n too but it's easier to be in the wrong gear, and it needs to be kept at 7000 - 11000 RPM to be really happy.

    The other thing that makes the Versys great is the suspension - it eats up all those potholes and bad roads like nothing. It's not an off road bike - too heavy - but it's definitely a great "bad road" bike ;)
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