Want to buy a used 110-125cc motorbike in Pakse, Laos

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    I am a new member here and was hoping to inquire about any information concerning purchasing a 2nd hand motorbike in Pakse, Laos. We are headed South to do the loop around Bolavan Plateau and Si Phan Don and crossing the border into Cambodia to see family (I am of Cambodian decent).

    Therefor I need all the registration to be correct and in my name for crossing the border and would prefer a 110cc or 125cc Japanese model. It will be my wife and I riding and we only have two backpacks that fit as a carryon so it should be easy to rig something up to put the bags on the bike.

    Once we make it to Cambodia we will be reselling the bike. I do have contacts to sell but I would none to buy from.

    Any help would be of great help.


    Veasna from San Diego, CA enjoying Southeast Asia with my wife.
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  3. DavidFL

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    I don't think you can just ride a Laos registered motorcycle out of Laos.
    You need special permission from a government department?
  4. Veasnafrank

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    [/list type=decimal]You need special permission from a government department?


    Thanks for the info! I wasn't quite sure how that would work. If I had to I would just have family resell to someone back in Laos.

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