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  1. I will arive Chiang Mai in one or two weeks,from Rayong.I will buy a Honda Wave 125S.Would consider a good used one.

  2. Peter
    Why not consider a Honda 400 supersport, or even one of the Yam 250 V-twins for sale at Agape Travel on Ratchawithi road?

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  3. Because I am an oldfart and have to accept that a mild stroke has left my left leg week.I have owned many big bikes and toured US and Canada.I could still make Pai to Chiang Mai in under three hours in March on a 125. I am currently in Pattaya waiting for rains to slow down.How early do you think touring in North can start

  4. Sorry to hear about ya leg, it must of been a right pain pushing a 125 for that long up in hills. I can't believe nobody stopped to offer you a lift in the back of a pick-up.

    Times are certainly changing....
  5. Peter
    I reckon the rains have slowed down enough to start touring in the North, and its starting to look pretty good aready.
    Off to Fang for a night with the boys this weekend, returning via Doi Ang Khang.
    Meeting at the Kafe 10.00 am for brekky Saturday morning, then on the road "soon after."
    From Chiang Mai, route 118 to Charin Resort, then back track a little to Mae Suai & take 109 across to 107 & Fang. Party in Fang for the night, then head home via Doi Ang Khang. From Fang, routes 108 - 1249 - 1340 - 1178 - 107.

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