want to drive into china?

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  1. I am selling my 200 cc Chinese dirtbike. new dirt tires and completely legit chinese plates and documentation. I drove it from beijing, through tibet, and into bangkok. having these plates is the only way for you to enter china on a bike. i'm asking 40,000 baht for the bike which is only 4 months old. i will also throw in all the tools, spare parts, riding gear, helmet, everything. you could leave tomorrow. the bike is in bangkok now but if there aren't any takers i will drive it back through laos. email me for pics and more details. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. hey burky, tell us the whole story, you an the bike an China, mate you can't just drop that one an go!!!
  3. Burkeja
    Sounds like a totally brilliant exciting trip - well done.
    Any chance of you spilling a few of the beans for the GT Rider board now......just a few tender morsels would be nice.

    Keep The Power On
  4. Hmmmmm, China. Be very interested in how a different rider gets on during the return trip.
  5. all the papers are in chinese and it's actually registered to the bike shop i bought it from. it has insurance for 8 more months and all i needed was an international divers license...if that. i only used it once.
  6. alright lads, here is the long and short of the trip:
    - bought the bike in beijing
    - drove west through inner mongolia...2 desert crossings
    -south down into Qinghai province and climbed the tibetan plateau...mountain passes of 5000m+
    - 2 weeks illegally in tibet...lhasa...the craziest roads i've ever seen and probably ever will
    -down the tibetan plateau into the southern province of yunnan....more 5000m+ mountain passes....45min. swithback climbs and 30 min. descents on dirt "roads"
    - south into laos
    - 10 days through laos...1 terribly inconveinent breakdown at night, in the rain, with a brand new language barrier
    -southwest to bangkok to meet my girlfriend
    - 3 months in total - 13000 kms
    - no wipeouts till last week on ko tao with a rental
    that's about it, my first big tour, lifechanging to say the least, i'll be travelling this way until it kills me i think
  7. now i have a few questions:

    this bike is my ticket to canada, my thai visa runs out in a few days and i don't want to ride anymore because there are two of us now. i'm in bangkok and want to go to cambodia next. i have a tempoary import on the bike...can i leave it here somewhere? can i send it on the train to laos (i'll be there after cambodia)?

    basically, we don't want to hang around in bangkok till it sells and if it does sell will i have troubles leaving the country without it? what is my best option for offing it quickly? laos? cambodia? leave it here somewhere?

    obviously i haven't planned my exit strategy as well as i should have but i just wanted to pick up my girl on my bike.
  8. Mate, did you have a permanent residency or job permit in Beijing?
    Thats what I needed in Shanghai to buy a bike.
    If not how did you do it?
    I am asking these questions because it opens up another way to ride through China.


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  9. Beky, thanks for the tit bits, but mate theres a lot in between!
    If'n spell'n an such isn't your forte, use a ghost writer,but a story like your has to be told.
    So mate start typ'n till your fingers bleed, an add some pics, don't drop the f word more than nessesary.....Scott
  10. i am mate, i am. i kept a diary the whole time and wrote everyday and have about 10gb of pics i just sent home. trying to write some magazine articles now and will get started on the book when i get home. i'll be sure to get a copy of the roughie off to you before it goes to print so you can check my grammer and change the "f words" to "blast" or something. my buddy captured about 15 hours of video as well and is working on a video doc. we'll see how it all pans out....
  11. Sounds simply awesome...

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