want to make ER6F a little enduro


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Nov 27, 2012
hi 2 all.
maybe its a not good idea... but I want modify my ER6F 2010 for travel now only on the roads. and actually such questions:
- want to change fork to upside-down like versys or klr. where can I buy or order it in Thailand? and what problems may arise when changing?
- clearance. what is the optimal?
- ABS. I think it doesnt need on offroad... how u think?

moreover, will cut plastic from below of the bike and set there protection. will make side protection. of course will change the tyres I think to Pirelli MT 60 Corsa. and something else the little things.

I know many of you will say that I'm crazy and its bad idea, but I really want to do it ))) on my ER6F I traveled around Thailand, Cambodia, a bit Laos and sometimes had to go on a very bad roads... and I inquired. and I think that with the changes it will be much better.

will listen to competent advice from appropriate people!


Dec 27, 2007
Why wouldn't you just buy a Versys?

i've owned ER6n and Ninja 650R and Versys and the suspension on the Versys is much more competent than what you get on the more basic EX650s