Wanted - 400CC Touring Bike w/ Green Book

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm looking to buy a bike for the first time in Thailand and would like to avoid rego and green book hassles.

    I'd prefer an older bike like a Yamaha SR400/500 or Honda GL400, but I believe these are pretty hard to come by (especially legal ones), but if anyone has any tips on finding one please let me know.

    Also anyone has a newer CBR or even a Scorpio for sale let me know. I'm really itching to get back out on the road.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. I should add that my budget is about 120K.

    Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi Ruici, you can forget about the SR400/500 ones, most of them no green book or only "Invoice" or dodgy restamped numbers & recycled books. They are additionally very expensive right now and hard to find one in good nick; mainly the SR400. GL400 is also very rare, seldom see one posted anywhere.
    What's your budget ? If it is around or less than B100k, then go for a second hand Ninja250R or a CBR250 which sell between 75-100k THB frequently.
    If you want an older common bike you can get some CBR400 or XJR400 especially on Thai sites for used bikes. Except the Ninja250 and CBR250, all the other bikes were never imported by a manufactorer into Thailand and the few ones legally imported, taxed and registered were mainly done by Red Baron in Bkk or some rich Thai's who could afford the sinfully high customs taxes in importing them. Thus there's also a lack of parts for all of them whereas the Ninja and CBR are manufactored in Thailand, as are Hondas new CB500 and the ER6N plus Ninja650R, but they are in a range of 180-270k THB. Sorry there are no easy options like in EU or US. Good luck for your 'hunt', rgds, FR
  4. Hi Franz,

    Thank you for the thorough advice. That's really helpful. I was previously in Indonesia and it's pretty easy to find older bikes there, particularly something like an older Scorpio or GL400.

    I'm looking to customize the bike over time so 100k is about my range, I'll keep looking for an older CBR400 or potentially settle for a newer 250.

    Really appreciate you advice.

    Cheers mate.

  5. Hi Franz and GTR,

    Really grateful for the help on the forum so far.

    I took a look at a 1989 Honda VT250 Spada today with a legit green book. Bikes in great shape and has had some work put into it. I think the bike may fit the bill as a first bike, but I wanted to see if anyone on the forum has any experience with Spadas.

    buyer is asking 80k for it.

  6. Hi Franz and GTR forum,

    Thanks for the advice, really appreciate how helpful this forum is.

    i found a 1989 Honda VT250 Spada in good nick. It's got a legit green book and seems to have been cared for well.

    I think this may be a great first bike, but I wanted to see if anyone on the forum has some experience to share about the Spada. I reckon parts shouldn't be too much of an issue even though the bike was only produced for a limited time.

    buyer is asking for 80k. Any feedback you have would be fantastic.

    link: http://classifieds.thaivisa.com/automotives-vehicles/motorcycles/honda-vt250-spada-exciter-great-1st-big-bike-216772.html

  7. Hi Franz and GTR Forum,

    Really appreciate all the info and responses on the forum so far. Can't wait to start exploring Thailand.

    I took a look at a 1989 Honda VT250 Spada today in good nick with a fully legit green book. It seems to be in good shape and has had some restoration work put into it recently.

    I was wondering what you guys think of this bike as a first bike? Any previous/current owners of a 250 have some advice?

    Seller is asking 80k for it (link)

    Any advice would be fantastic.


  8. The bike in your link looks very clean and IF it's mechanically sound and IF the Green Book checks out it might be a good deal.

    Just be aware that it's a 13 year old bike. Are you handy with a wrench? If not, do you know of a competent mechanic that can keep your bike running? As its a very rare model here you may have a hard time finding parts. This bike was only manufactured in 1988 and 1989 so very rare indeed.

    The ad says it shares parts with the CBR but this is just plain wrong and should raise a red flag.

    The VT250 is a V-twin while the old CBR250RR was an inline 4.

    Still, if it tickles your fancy and is within your budget, go for it! You'll be one of the only bikers in Thailand riding this bike!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  9. Hi Tony,

    THanks for the quick reply. I checked out the bike, mechanically seems fine, though the seller did tell me that restoration was put into the bike a dented fuel tank after a drop.

    Green book checks out, and to protect myself the buyer will accompany me to the DTO to do the transfer if I purchase the bike.

    I'm a novice with a wrench but have friends and a couple good mechanics around. Thanks for flagging the parts issue, I'll definitely need to do some research to find out what's going to be hard to find and what has some crossover with other honda models.

    I'm pretty smitten with her and may just have to take the plunge. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely be on the forum with updates.


  10. I got a 1989 CBR 400cc for sale if your interested. Green Book
  11. I have a 600cc Steed for sale, just listed it today, email me for pictures [email protected]

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