Wanted 650cc, ideally Yamaha or Honda

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  1. I am planning a four-month tour of the southeast so panniers will be a bonus Currently in Bangkok but will move anywhere for the right bike. Capt Nelson
  2. Welcome to GT-R!

    What's your budget and what models specifically are you interested in? 650 Hondas and Yammies are pretty darn rare in Thailand...

    Happy Trails!

  3. The only 650cc you will find is Kawasaki twins. If you need more power I am going to sell my Yamaha FZ1 Faser (1000) soon, all in top condition for 185,000Baht.
    My Thai mobile 0860546670, live in Chiang Mai.
    Cheers Ken F
  4. Tony, thanks for replying. The budget is what is sensible for the bike. Funds are available. Learning about scarcity and remain flexible. Priority is reliability ie well serviced, available spares. Enjoyed your article. Hoping to buy through a Thai friend and 'rent'. Red Baron said that I need a 6-month visa.All help appreciated. David.
  5. Ken, thanks for replying. Learning about scarcity. Your bike sounds tempting but 1000cc sounds a bit grown up for my lack of experience. What do you think? David
  6. Hi Capt

    Here are a couple of Africa Twins that were recently advertised (not sure if they are still available or not) should be a decent bike spec for your 4 mth road trip and you should be able to resell them again quickly when your finished your trip.






  7. SD thanks. Will follow up. David
  8. Dear SD, just to let you know that I have agreed to buy one of the ATs you drew my attention to. So many thanks. I'll be heading up to Chaig Mai arriving in about a week, I expect. If you are there I'll give you a ring and offer a beer or two. David.
  9. Your welcome mate,

    I actually live in Bangkok (Phrom Phong), so I will have to wait until you ride through BKK to have that beer mate

    What one did you choose mate...they were both nice looking AT's...the "HRC 650" or the "Red/Silver" (with all the "mods")

    Good luck with the purchase and road trip mate, 4 mths riding around Thailand, I am so jealous, what a great trip that will be

    Ride safe mate (Thailand has more than its normal quota of idiot driving cars and trucks and scooters)


  10. I'm in the old city, near the river - Fortville Guesthouse - just north f the old Palace, if you are passing. Tel 0906 5127 98. I bought the 1995 one that had undergone extensive upgrade. Now looking for panniers, if possible. Three months includes Laos and Cambodia so rush, rush. David.
  11. Thanks Dave

    If you are looking for Panniers, you could try Marty at Chiang Rai Saddlebags (up near Chiang Mai), he will be able to offer your something for sure.



    [email protected]



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