wanted ax or baja 250 honda

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by marcgee, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. looking for the best bike that 1,200$ or 40,000bht will buy.mechanics more important than looks.prefer large tank.
    want only with reg./papers
    great job david!
  2. Marc
    Dont think you'll get anything with a book for that sort of money.
    Double it & you have a chance for something with a book.
    But why not take a look at Ozzyboy's machine
    Link removed
    & save it from the chook raffle.
  3. well i got
    0 replies --maybe i'll have to pay more !!!i'll be in c.m. on the 13th what do you have to offer !!!
  4. david,i was thinking about that ozzy bike but i haven't had anything between a 200kaw 2 stroke and and 500 honda single ball buster for dirt .is the 500/600 twin easy to handle off road? it should be a good hwy bike.thanks again david.
  5. against all odds i got a very nice 15 yr old ax 250 looks good needihg chain and tires all for 35,000!!!incl.book and plates. now i hear that it is harder to transfer than the last one i bought a yr ago .i've got a 30 day visa. david do you still frequent kafe?

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