WANTED: Bike from 250-750 cc

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  1. I am searching for a Motorbike, from 250-750 cc.
    Defects are no Problem, I have enough free time here in LOS....:)

    Absolute Price Limit is 100.000 BT!
    I dont want an extremely modified Bike.
    I would prefer a chopper, or a normal "Streetbike" or so called "Naked Bike"
    Eventually a "dirt Bike"
    ONLY with clear papers and Greenbook!
    BKK-Pattaya-Rayong-...... Area, but willing to travel.
    Cash waits for your Bike..8)
  2. Nearly three weeks...and nothing :sick:.
    I can't believe that nobody has to sell a Bike in this price-range :wink:
  3. G'day vel2000

    You get what you pay for so go a bit higher say 125,000 baht and then more bikes will fall into your specs. Up to you.

    Cheers Ken F
  4. Yes, but I got nothing so far..:p
    I don't believe that the 25.000 will make a really big difference..
    I know this is TH, BUT its also nearly 2.500 Euro! This is no peanuts.
    And one more time:
    I don't expect a NEW Bike, and it is not for daily use
    Only for fun and against daily boredom. I need something to do, because I like to work on cars and bikes :smile1:
    And I have the time and knowledge to do it.
    So, a restoration project is also welcome.
    The only requirement is a green book, so that the bike can be taxed and insured
  5. Keep an Eye out on all the Thai Websites? There should be Kawasaki D-Trackers and KLX 250 for that price? 100.000 baht is what a second hand one goes for in Good condition! I have a Mint condition Yamaha Raid You can have for 80.000 baht but it has a Grey book! You can use it as normal and Tax it etc.At the Time I brought it many Year ago that was all that was available! How times have changed!
  6. I know, but I dont' like this kind of Bike..
    I prefer Streetbikes/"Soft-Chopper", like Honda CB/VFR 400/650/** or their equivalents from Suzuki/Kawa/Yamaha.

    And yes, I try to "monitor" all the major Sites (Thaivisa, Bahtsold, some german language Sites etc.) daily. (Maybe I miss some Sites?)
    Some interesting stuff, but also lots of BS. (Missing parts, far too expensive for condition/age, "fantasy prices".
    Many of them have only invoice, or some dodgy "Grey Books", which makes it impossible/difficult to change owner or to sell it later.
    I would accept a grey book only, if I would like the bike 110%. And a possible later selling does not matter..:)
    And, if a bargain comes, 100.000 limit is maybe not my last word.
    But ok, I have time...:roll:
  7. I'm selling my Tiger Boxer 250RS with all remade engine and it will be almost half the price you can afford, contact me if you are interested :)
  8. No, thanks
    I am looking for a "REAL" Bike..8)
  9. Didnt noticed the Tiger was a fake ..... they should have put these pedalo on ....

    If I had to choose between the Tiger and most of the 400cc customs you have in Thailand (like the Honda Shadow), I will definitly choose the Tiger, even the 250 D-Tracker is a toy in comparaison and wont allow 2 ppl on its back unless its heavily modified.

    Good luck in your search for a "REAL" bike for less than 100k then :)

    Edit : by the way theres a lot of CB400 (old models) or VFR 400 in your price range, there was even a beautifull VFR on Thaivisa classfields for 58k with the book.

    If you know someone willing to translate from Thai to english you can get a look on www.mocyc.com theres a lot of second hand bikes there.
  10. Hi vel2000,

    I have just posted an ad that I am selling my good ol' DR 650, did not see you were looking for a bike. Might fit for you purposes, send me an SMS at +41 79 827 06 88 and I call you back, or drop me a note on my email address if you are interested, [email protected], cheers, Oliver
  11. hey vel,
    i got a cbr 750 honda with greenbook, chiang mai no plate for sale at 95000thb.
    its a naked bike!
    good running order.
    if you are interested, give me a call on 0871819631
    cheers george

    Attached files 267548=3021-Image0045. 267548=3020-Image0082. 267548=3019-Image0083. 267548=3023-Image0084. 267548=3017-Image0085. 267548=3022-Image0086. 267548=3018-Image0087.
  12. Just had a sale on my 1981 CB750 fall thru. (The guy had to go back to work in Singapore)
    Spent over 25,000Bht on it, book insurance etc.
    Asking 120,000Bht (book worth 45,000Bht)
    Ph 085 6990309
    If serious I will send pix, you pay for transport or ride it home, no complicated payment systems, cash on deal.
  13. Hi,
    unfortunately a little bit too naked...:sad1::
    I suspect, the missing parts are not available?
    If not available, it would cost far too much, to bring the Bike in a more or less acceptable condition.
  14. No, thanks
    too expensive (for me).
  15. hey vel,
    i have got all the missing parts: full fairing,headlamp.tail,
    plastics are in ok condition!
    i just did not like them and its getting hot at 42c. with a full fairing!!!
    so,there you go!
  16. hey , its not extremely modified,just the fairing,headlamp and tail plastics are off.
    i still have all the parts.
    they might need a clean up and repaint, but thats up to you.
    so,its a complete bike.
    cheers x-g.

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